if you’re trying to lose weight the last
thing that you want to do is mess it up first thing in the morning because if
you do you’re basically fighting an uphill battle for the rest of the day
and then you’re left wondering why you’re not losing weight. Unfortunately
there is no shortage of bad information out there on a range of morning topics
like what should you eat first thing in the morning to speed up metabolism
should you work out what should you eat afterwards and a lot of them are myths
or severely outdated information that still gets repeated as the truth up to
this day and if you’re doing these things you’re gonna be starting your
morning at a severe disadvantage when it comes to weight loss so in this video
I’m gonna give you eight morning habits that are preventing you from losing
weight so you can actually have a fighting chance at this and make sure
you stick around until the end because you’re probably guilty of doing some of
them what’s going on guys Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com. If you’re new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and
hit the bell to get notified every time I post a new video every week okay let’s
start with a low-hanging fruit that you should probably already know especially
if you’ve been following my channel if not well prepared to get your mind blown
I’m talking about eating traditional breakfast foods first thing in the
morning now what do I mean by traditional breakfast foods I’m talking
about toast and it doesn’t matter if it’s white or brown bread it’s literally
the same thing bagels croissants pop-tarts pancakes waffles
muffins breakfast cereal and instant oatmeal I might have forgot a thing or
two there but you should already know the foods that I’m talking about here
listen if you eat those foods first thing in the morning that is a surefire
way to gain weight instead of losing it because those foods are extremely
processed they are made out of highly refined white flour and they offer no
nutritional value not only is a diet high in refined carbs and sugar directly
linked to obesity but it’s also directly linked to insulin resistance and
diabetes all those three things that I just mentioned can be summed up under
one name and it’s called metabolic syndrome and if you live in the U.S. two
out of three American adults are suffering from it because when you
chronically spike your blood sugar and insulin levels with the foods that I
just mentioned it’s gonna be almost impossible for you to lose weight listen
you cannot reduce body fat on a diet that chronically stimulates
high insulin levels you just can’t and again we down these extremely insulinogenic foods first thing in the morning and then we down a big glass of orange
juice afterwards I literally cannot think of a worse way to start your
morning if you eat those foods now this is a bigger problem that I want to bring
up in this video this is also the same stuff that we give to our kids so two
out of three American adults are either overweight or obese they suffer from
metabolic syndrome and childhood obesity is also at an all-time high if you have
a kid you need to give your kid a fighting chance at this and it starts
with you now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat breakfast but there is a
world of difference between eating breakfast cereal
that’s drowned in skim milk and you shouldn’t be eating or drinking low-fat
dairy by the way versus a breakfast of bacon and eggs and some avocado if you
eat the latter breakfast you’ll get fuller faster because you’re eating real
nutrient-dense foods you also won’t have a dramatic spike in insulin levels and
you won’t feel the desire to eat more it’s as simple as this eat real food for
breakfast don’t eat processed junk which leads me to morning habit number two so
when you eat a highly processed sugary breakfast it causes a spike in blood
sugar levels with a subsequent insulin response to match it because too much
sugar in your blood is toxic which then results in a matching blood sugar crash
and your body doesn’t want to become hypoglycemic so your brain sends hunger
signals that you need to eat more sugar and this is a vicious cycle that happens
all day so if you’re someone who eats breakfast cereal instant oatmeal toast
first thing in the morning then you’re also probably someone who snacks on
fruit loops granola bars pop-tarts protein bars or whatever trendy bar is
out there right now and those bars are usually swimming in high fructose corn
syrup additives and artificial flavors or just plain old sugar now some of you
might say that oh but this “X” bar has natural ingredients it has natural
sugars I’m talking about honey maple syrup and natural sweeteners like stevia
listen sugar is sugar it doesn’t matter that it’s natural sugar the other
problem is it’s still highly processed which will then still cause the same
blood sugar spike with the same insulin response and a subsequent blood sugar
crash and you know you get the drill the bigger
issue in this scenario again is this is the same stuff that we give to kids
luckily you can break the cycle and reset your palate by completely
abstaining from these foods what you need is a diet reset with a complete
appetite correction and if you want a proven plan on how to do this then make
sure you check out the Fat Loss Accelerator and I’m gonna link to it
somewhere at the top here the next morning habit that you want to
avoid is force feeding yourself breakfast to begin with I’m getting a
headache just thinking about this because every trainer, nutritionist,
“influencer”, or even your doctor, and most people in general still believe
that one of the worst things that you can do for weight loss is to skip
breakfast and it’s based on the severely outdated and inaccurate information that
breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you skip it you’re gonna
delay or slow down your metabolism or worse you’re gonna enter the dreaded
starvation mode some people believe so strongly on this that you have to eat
first thing in the morning that they’d rather you eat something bad see the
first two points rather than not eat at all it’s literally the most backwards
way of thinking about weight loss it’s one of the worst myths out there that I
can believe hasn’t died yet listen there is no starting your metabolism your
metabolism doesn’t stop and it is true that eating breakfast will increase your
metabolism but that’s simply due to the energy cost of digesting your food and
it’s more commonly known as the thermic effect of food meaning any meal will
increase your metabolism temporarily but you’re also going to be taking in way
more calories than you burn during digestion so you’re at a net surplus if
you want to lose weight you need to be at a deficit bottom line is if you’re
not hungry if you don’t feel like eating breakfast
don’t eat I used to force-feed myself breakfast back in the day but there’s
actually no set rule that you need to eat first thing in the morning there is
no scientific research that proves that eating breakfast will help you lose
weight other than people repeating this myth from the bro science community. We’re
the only species that wakes up first thing in the morning that feels the need
to shove food down our throat meal times are completely made up. Our
Paleolithic ancestors didn’t wake up first thing in the morning back then and
said, “Oh better eat breakfast. Breakfast is the
most important meal of the day.” No. In fact if you want to lose weight you’re
way better off skipping breakfast think of skipping breakfast as your body using
up your fat stores as breakfast since we’re still in the topic of breakfast
let’s talk about a breakfast stapel. I’m talking about coffee now coffee in
itself is neutral when it comes to weight loss a cup of black coffee only
has like five calories and it doesn’t spike your insulin levels people have been
drinking this stuff since the 11th century the problem lies in what you’re
adding to your coffee every morning so when you start adding sugar, flavored
creamers, artificial sweeteners you’re going to be spiking your insulin levels
and you’re adding unnecessary calories that your body has to burn and the
excess calories get stored as fat throughout the day especially if you
drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day now it gets worse when people
order designer coffees like vanilla lattes mochas hot chocolate and then
they get a “crappy frappy” mid-morning yeah that’s no good think about it this
way the human body at any given time only has about four grams of sugar in
your blood a grande caramel Frappuccino for example has a mind-blowing 64 grams
of sugar that is 16 times more than the normal amount of sugar that’s supposed
to be in your blood but wait don’t forget the chocolate chip
cookie or the banana bread and again who do we give this stuff to as well? Our
kids! I’m gonna level with you on this because not everyone can take their
coffee black you can add a tiny splash of heavy cream to your coffee and it’s
not gonna be the end of the world especially compared to the numbers that
I just mentioned because heavy cream is pure fat and it’s not gonna trigger an
insulin response but don’t add skim milk and I want to address that real quick
listen if you have skim milk or any low-fat dairy sitting in your fridge
toss it out because A) it’s highly processed because they have to take out
the fat and B) it’s usually full of sugar don’t believe me? Next time you go
to the grocery store compare a carton of full fat milk versus skim milk you’re
gonna see that the skim milk has way more sugar all you need to know is that
low fat usually means high sugar and fat doesn’t make you fat there’s another
myth for you the next bad morning habit that I’m gonna talk about is
not planning ahead listen if you fail to plan you plan to fail ideally you’re
preparing your own breakfast food and lunch because once you leave the house
it’s open season and you’re gonna be bombarded with all sorts of food choices
and not all of them are good and if you’re not prepared that’s when you find
yourself going to the closest drive-thru window
ordering a donut or a bagel so do your best to plan ahead and if you don’t
have time to prepare breakfast for example then go to a place that serves
traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs the next habit that prevents weight loss
is not getting enough sleep listen we sleep for about a third of our lives and
there’s a reason why we evolved that way and there are tons of research out there
about how important sleep is when it comes to your health and they all show
one constant thing the less you sleep, the more you weigh. For example there’s one
research that shows that when participants cut back on sleep over 14
days the amount of fat that they lost dropped by 55% even one night of bad sleep
can have negative effects on your weight loss efforts because lack of sleep
messes with important fat loss hormones like cortisol which is your stress
hormone, ghrelin which is your hunger hormone, and leptin which is a hormone
that tells your body that you’re full those hormones don’t function the same
way when you’re sleep-deprived causing you to feel hungrier and crave the worst
foods throughout the day like nobody wakes up from a late night out and says
man I’m really craving asparagus no we crave the worst foods we create fast
food and then that starts the vicious high sugar breakfast and snacking cycle
and I always tell my students that listen if you had a late night out and
the choice is between you going to your 6 a.m. spin class versus you getting a
couple of extra hours of sleep I will always choose sleep which leads me to
the next morning habit that prevents weight loss and it’s doing chronic
cardio workouts first thing in the morning and I’m gonna raise some
eyebrows on this but hear me out I’m talking about spending an hour on the
elliptical machine or running on the treadmill first thing in the morning or
doing group fitness classes like CrossFit or spin and you’re doing it at
some ungodly hour like 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning and it’s a near-death
experience every time you’re doing workouts that are a little bit too hard
and a little bit too frequently and that is actually preventing you from losing
weight because workouts like that are considered anaerobic workouts and they
mainly focus on burning glucose so you become even more sugar dependent notice
how you’re always craving something sugary after workouts like that? Anaerobic workouts also elicit a significant stress response. Now, short
term stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you do workouts like that
every morning every day the stress becomes chronic and chronically high
stress levels leads to chronically high insulin levels and chronically high
insulin levels leads to insulin resistance which then opens up Pandora’s
box to diabetes obesity and cardiovascular disease and I really feel
for these people because they have the right intention by trying to squeeze in
a workout first thing in the morning but the wrong execution because they’re
doing the wrong workout the workouts are way too stressful and way too hard ok
the last morning habit that I want to talk about is the idea that you need to
shove carbs or protein down your throat immediately after your morning workout
or after any workout this is the infamous anabolic window where you
approximately have 30 minutes to two hours after training to drop your
protein shake and eat enough Nutella to induce diabetes or else you’ll shrivel
and die from catabolism that is simply not true
research after research shows that when it comes to building lean muscle mass
and that should be your focus when you exercise the results show that protein
timing isn’t a factor it’s about your total protein intake for
the day that matters so as long as you’re getting enough protein throughout
the day the timing doesn’t really matter and the other problem with drinking
protein shakes is that whey and casein are extremely insulinogenic because
they’re highly processed and they contain a lot of sugar and I always say
that you shouldn’t drink your protein you should eat it like what do you think
is more satiating first thing in the morning? A scoop of protein powder or a
couple of eggs and some bacon and I don’t want to hear about anyone eating
egg white omelettes. The yolk is the healthiest part of the egg cholesterol
isn’t bad for you and that’s another Nutrition myth that needs to die like
your body makes cholesterol it’s essential to your brain health and
basically every cell in your body so as you can see a lot of the morning habits
that I mentioned in this video are based on bad severely outdated information or
myths that won’t seem to go away and they’re all
preventing you from losing weight because you need to give yourself a
fighting chance at losing weight and it starts by getting your day started the
right way and if you avoid all the bad morning habits that I talked about
you’re gonna have a real fighting chance and you’re gonna set up the rest of your
day for success the next question then becomes how are you actually supposed to
eat if you want to lose weight because here’s the thing 80% of your body
composition is determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part. Do you
have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat around
my stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours at
the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically designed for busy
professionals and it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my private
coaching clients and they’ve all gone to see some amazing results. if you want to
be the next success story then download your FREE copy of the lean body
blueprint right now there’s gonna be a link somewhere at the top here or in the
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see you in the next video virtual high five



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