5 Things to Know Before Trying to Lose Weight

5 Things to Know Before Trying to Lose Weight

But making an actual weight loss plan isn’t
simply eating less and moving more, no matter what some basic personal trainer might tell
you. Weight loss is undoubtedly the most popular
fitness goal of all time. Yes, calories do matter and the foundation
for losing weight is to eat fewer calories while burning more. But the approach on achieving this is what
matters most. And subtle differences in your approach can
be what separates success from failure. To help with this, let’s break down five
key weight loss points that you should know before you do anything. The first thing to get down before anything
else is to have the mindset of changing habits. Pretty straightforward, you gotta make new
habits rather than just simply looking for an end-point. Lifestyle changes baby, that’s what you
need. Thing is, the first step to weight loss is
to reach your actual weight goal. But what’s more important is what you do
next to maintain it. What this ultimately boils down to is creating
habits. Regularly moderate your foods. Create more of a habit for whole foods, but
you can also have the occasional treat. That’s the beauty of habitual moderation. Feel inclined to reach for some of your favorite
sweets every now and then but with a solid dose of mindfulness. And of course, keep those calories in mind. And if you’re not already, make exercise
a regular part of your day. Of all habits, being regularly active can
be the x factor. Again, habits, not short-term changes. Number 2, your weight will fluctuate and that’s
okay. This is where things really mess people up. All the fancy media and advertisements would
have you thinking that you’re successful only if you continuously lose weight. Reality says, that’s hardly the case. In the beginning, yes, you will sustain weight
loss quite linearly. But that’s to be expected. Much of early loss comes from fat, yes, but
also a little thing we call water weight. More so if your diet is low on carbs and salt,
two elements that retain water in your body. Once this water reduction stops, however,
weight loss might stop with it. Worse yet, you might see it go up. This is normal. Fluctuations can happen by simply ingesting
more salt or carbs one day or you just simply ate a little bit too much. Or you’re weighing yourself at different
times of the day. Very small changes, whether that’s an increase
or decrease, will happen. Again, it’s normal. The best advice I could give here is to not
put too much emphasis on these small changes. Instead, look for trends. If weight generally trends down over time,
then you’re good to go. And one more thing to look at is WHEN to weigh
yourself. Do it at the same time each day. Usually first thing in the morning after going
to the bathroom is a good idea. Number three, no stranger to my usual advice,
but you probably want to GET MORE PROTEIN. Yep, nothing different here. As I’ve stressed before, protein does a
body good. And knowing its benefits before you start
meal prepping is a sure-fire why of boosting your weight loss. The benefits? Well one, as I’ve mentioned many times,
it can help you burn more calories. Thermic effect of food, aka the calories it
takes to process protein, is roughly 30% of its calorie content versus 5 to 15% for carbs
and fats. Two, protein has a strong satiating and satiety
effect. It gets you feeling full quicker and also
keeps you full longer. In other words, you eat fewer calories. And three, of course, protein helps preserve
your muscles and better yet, if you’re a beginner, can help you build muscle as you
lose weight. Get your protein. Number 4, cardio is cool but you might want
to tack on resistance training as well. I’m kinda glad that this point that is starting
to become more mainstream. Previously, whenever exercise and weight loss
are uttered in the same sentence, the first thing to come to mind is cardio. Don’t get me wrong, cardio’s dope. Of all exercises, cardio, be it steady-state
or high intensity intervals, will burn the most calories. But there’s a risk. A risk of losing muscle mass if you ONLY do
cardio. Luckily, resistance training, be it calisthenics
or lifting weights, can help preserve your muscles. Not only that, doing cardio and resistance
training can actually lead to MORE fat loss while keeping your muscles intact. Hell, for beginners, you might even ADD muscle
while losing fat at the same time. Best of both worlds! Needless to say, make sure you are resistance
training. If you need help figuring that out, then please
join our PictureFit community discord and we’ll be sure to get you the help you need. And now, number 5, as you embark on your weight
goal, you should start with knowing that it takes a long time to see meaningful results. One of the worst things, in my opinion, to
have captivated a lot of today’s mindset is the desire for immediate satisfaction. Lose weight as FAST as you can. And if you don’t lose weight fast enough,
then you’ve failed. But it’s a crazy mind set if you think about. It takes years and years to accumulate all
that extra weight. How does it make sense then to think it will
only take a few months or even weeks to reverse it? Patience. Long-term rewards over short-term satisfaction. This goes for your food and exercise decisions
as well. Little bit less here and there can make huge
difference. You can lose an extra pound a month just by
drinking only half a can of soda a day rather than the whole thing. Better yet, lose even more by replacing your
soda with water. But to circle back, weight loss will take
time. Healthy and safe rates of loss is about a
half to a pound of weight lost per week, or about 10% of your current bodyweight in 6
months. So, let’s stop thinking of “lose a pound
a day” silliness you might have read on the internet. It’s simply not worth it. Patience, my friend. Apply all the previous steps and you should
be good to go. I hope these five points will be useful for
you before you start. If you started already, that’s fine, you
should still apply these if you haven’t already. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
a weighty thumbs up and share it with your patience-loving friends. As always, thank you for watching and GET



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