5 Step Process to Treat Anemia Naturally

5 Step Process to Treat Anemia Naturally

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine. Today I’m going to share with you my five-step process to treat anemia naturally.
If you want to know the best anemia cures, you’re going to find those in this video,
including the best diet, supplements, along with triggers, things that can trigger anemia
you absolutely want to watch out for. The first step in overcoming anemia is really
nourishing your spleen. Your spleen is an organ that is responsible for red blood cell
production, as well as keeping fluids together in your system. If your spleen isn’t healthy,
that’s one of the first factors that’s going to cause anemia. There are specific foods
that will actually help nourish your spleen, helping you overcome anemia naturally. That
first food group would be squash, specifically things like pumpkin, acorn squash, butternut
squash, spaghetti squash, those bright orange-colored foods. Think fall harvest, those sort of foods
are going to be fantastic for nourishing the spleen. So step number one is nourishing your spleen.
I would recommend getting one to two servings of squash in your daily diet. If you want
some ideas, you can check out some of my recipes there on DrAxe.com. The other thing that’s very important for
nourishing your spleen and red blood cell production are going to be green leafy vegetables
like spinach, kale, and chard. Doing one serving of those a day, something like a kale salad
or saut�ed spinach, is also very nourishing to your spleen. Last, but not least, our bitter
foods are good for the spleen, specifically things like romaine lettuce, arugula. You
can even do bitter herbs before a meal as a supplement. But anything that’s sort of
a bitter food is very, very nourishing to the spleen. Step number two to help you naturally overcome
anemia is you need to start getting your gut healthy with probiotics. Now, listen to this
principle. It’s not, “You are what you eat,” it is, “You are what you digest.” If you’re
not digesting properly and absorbing and assimilating nutrients properly, you’re not absorbing iron.
So for a lot of people, you might even be taking iron supplements, and they’re not working.
The reason is that you’re digestive system isn’t healthy, and you probably have a condition
called “leaky gut.” Leaky gut doesn’t allow you to properly absorb iron as well as certain
other vitamins, like vitamin B12 and magnesium and zinc. So you could be deficient because
you don’t have a healthy gut, and probiotics are really the first key into restoring your
digestive health. In fact, a recent study out of Stanford found
that when somebody supplements with probiotics, all of their B vitamin levels go up along
with their iron. So listen, treat the root cause, not the symptom. So many doctors today
say, “Hey, just go and take this iron tab.” It’s not fixing it. You’ve got to be able
to absorb the iron tab for it to work. So for that reason, you want to add in probiotic-rich
foods like real home-made yogurt, goat’s milk kefir, sauerkraut, and other probiotic-rich
foods. Then taking a probiotic supplement, typically 50 to 100 billion IUs daily, can
definitely help support your iron absorption. Step number two in overcoming anemia is getting
those processed and junk foods out, especially excess sugar and anything that can cause candida.
Oftentimes, candida and anemia are linked. So if you ever notice a white color on your
tongue or in the back of your throat or if you ever tend to get any sort of yeast issues,
you know that’s candida. Candida will block iron absorption. So diet is key. In order
to really overcome that, you’ve got to support the spleen, like I talked about earlier, but
also eliminate processed sugars and grains. So again, if you are doing a lot of sugars,
pastas, breads, cereals, any type of grain product or sugar product, that’s going to
feed yeast. Replace those with healthy fats in your diet. Or if you’re going to use a
sweetener, raw local honey in small amounts, a tablespoon at most at a time, or stevia
is the best option in terms of sweeteners. The next step in helping you overcome anemia
is going to be actually consuming iron-rich foods. Some of the best include foods like
liver. In fact, beef liver and chicken liver are by far the highest. That might sound gross
to you, consuming liver. But I’m telling you, if you buy organic chicken liver at your local
farmer’s market or at your health food store, you can put it in a crock pot with chicken
in equal ratios, or about a third liver, two-thirds chicken, and do a big crock pot with vegetables
like carrots, celery, onions, sea salt. Do a big crock pot with some liver in there,
and that is the perfect meal to help replenish your liver, as well as liver is very high
in iron, as I just discussed, which is important, so again, getting liver in your diet. Also, other iron-rich foods you want to be
getting in your diet. Look towards meat, specifically grass-fed beef. Bison is fantastic and lamb.
But think organic, grass-fed red meats are some of the highest foods in iron. Also, spinach
and kale and chard, getting those green leafy vegetables in. So again, an ideal meal might
look like that crock pot soup I talked about earlier. Another idea would be a bison burger
with a side of spinach. Fantastic for helping you overcome anemia. And last but not least, lifestyle and reducing
stress. If you’re emotionally stressed out, if you struggle with unforgiveness, anger,
or have chronic worry and anxiety, those things really deplete your spleen and your liver
and will exhaust those organs. So really make sure that you are scheduling in times of relaxation,
times of fun during your week, getting plenty of sleep at night. Those things will really
help recharge your system and body. If you do those things, you’re going to see fantastic
results in overcoming anemia. Last little bonus tip here. In Chinese medicine,
again, anemia is very closely related to the spleen, and certain herbs actually help support
the spleen, especially ginseng. Ginseng is known as an adaptogenic herb that helps your
body better deal with stress. So adding in a supplement like ginseng may also help really
in supporting healthy blood. Then beets, another super food. They really help with a healthy
circulatory system and healthy iron levels. So guys, this has been myself, Dr. Axe, talking
about anemia natural treatments and natural cures for anemia. I hope you’ve enjoyed this
video. And hey, if you want to learn more about the best ways to heal naturally, make
sure you subscribe here to my YouTube channel. You’re going to find the greatest and latest
health news available today. Thanks, guys.



  • Natascha Mandpe

    Hi! I am suffering from anemia since many years. My diet is healthy, I have stopped eating junk food , I mostly eat fruits and vegetables, I even had blood injections but after a few days my RBC count was back to down. Why should I do?

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    Appreciate the information that's new to me, like nourishing the spleen with things like squash etc., but get this: no one has to suffer and DIE in order for me to live: Our only planet doesn't have to die, the thousands who die of starvation every single day (that the media doesn't care about) don't have to die.
    I'll take your non-Nazi information but you're way off on the rest – I don't care if you're a "doctor".
    I've overcome anemia before, more than once, without paying for helpless innocents to be confined, enslaved, mutilated, mutated, abused, raped, have their babies taken away, skinned alive and then brutally and violently murdered (chained upside-down, stabbed in the throat, forced into gas chambers, dropped into vats of scalding water, bludgeoned to death) while they are still children themselves.

    And btw, labels like "organic" and "grass fed" are worthless lies to make people feel better about doing the immoral thing. NO ONE WANTS TO DIE – these innocent souls don't go to their death willingly – they fight, scream and cry and beg until the horrific end – WAKE THE HELL UP. And don't take jokers like this "doctor" too seriously.

    If anyone would like to get their soul back, here's an information playlist to get you started on your research: #TheTRUTHisOutThere


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  • reneekatz666

    here's some foods you should consider if you're anemic:
    Spinach (much more iron than kale)
    Liver (get the boar's head liverwurst, it's amazing)
    Dark chocolate (70 % or more, really dark, bitter stuff)
    Potatoes ( a large potato has abt 16% dv of iron)
    bell peppers (extremely high in vitamin c, it helps you absorb iron)
    blackstrap molasses from whole foods (other stores dont have good molasses that's high in iron)
    egg yolks
    beef (pork, poultry don't have nearly as much iron)

    Eat dairy products and caffeine products 2-3 hours away from high-iron meals and iron supplements.

    Drink milk, it's really high in b12, and it's actually not easy to get large amounts of b12 from meat alone. that's because it's difficult to sit and eat pounds and pounds of meat, but it is easy to drink 2 or 3 cups of milk throughout the day. Just don't drink the milk when you take your iron pills because it effects how the iron is absorbed.

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    The symptoms I had were chest pain, headache, palpitations, very fast heart beat, I get too tired easily also to the point that I can already hear my heartbeat and the beat of my brain at the same time. I have heavy bleeding of period for 20 days already and im so weak. My lips are as white as paper and my skin was so pale. I even passed out twice. When I got my CBC my hemoglobin level went down to 3 and the normal range is 12.

  • Sonja Walker

    Hello, Dr. Axe, I ended up going into the hospital because my iron was so low. Now since I got treated through infusions my levels were above normal just a tad once I got tested. I drink combucha now to keep probiotics in check, and I eat hummus since it has loads of iron, protein and garlic for prebiotics. My mom will not make liver, but I do end up eating meat at least once to twice a week, some times more. I'm a tiny thing and eat like a bear getting ready for hibernation now. Well, maybe not literally… I'm all natural foods now, I do not take medications unless I need serious treatment. I drink green tea if I have a cramp caused by inflammation, I have small amounts of turmeric powder put on my food each week, I drink ginger tea if I feel sick to my stomach, and have never been bedridden sick for 3 years as a result of the turmeric. When I do get sick to my stomach, it's not serious enough to wipe me of energy; I can still eat normally, I just take it slower. My body should have lots of time now to recover.

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    Stay stressless and relax. get good rest could help too.
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    I'm so exhausted .. my levels are so low .. i think i'm gonna ask my doctor to put me on IV iron treatment and then i'll just try to keep the levels. It can take 1 year to get my levels to healthy with recommended foods, and i feel too sick to even cook and follow … Do you think, breastfeeding is also washing out my iron?
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    Magnesium, sulfur (onions , garlic, eggs), iodine, Methylated B vitamins, Vitamin C from real fruits and vegetables, Red meat, Chlorophyll, Cod liver oil (10:1 ratio Retinol to Vitamin D) and low dose zinc (no longer than a few months). Also potassium. Even apple pectin from the skin on apples and pears will help. Broccoli too and green vegetables. No nuts or foods high in Calcium. Skip the rice… you have no idea of the toxic levels of heavy metals in it.
    This is all because they are probably copper toxic. When the copper comes down the iron goes up.
    It's all about getting the body to make ceruloplasmin.
     This is not advice please do your own research.

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    Stress out emotionally
    Supplements: ginseng

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