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  • Robot Raptor

    Struggling to gain mass, ive been going to the gym for a year, have made gains, about roughly a stone. But the gains are slow. Im pretty sure im eating enough and right but feel that maybe my technique is off. I dont lift heavy, i feel when i lift heavy i break form, i also feel with heavy weights i manage a few reps until failure (maybe 5 or 6) but dont feel the intensity in the targeted muscle. I can go to the gym for an hour and train chest, and feel it for like an hour after training. Then the next day its feels like i havent even hit it. I feel like ive got good movement, posture, but perhaps the way i complete reps is wrong. Ive trued full range of motion, sliw reps, fast reps, medium reps with high reps/low weight, low reps/ high wieght. I tried time under tension, but just dont feel like im really hitting the muscles hard. I know my strenght has increased, and my muscles have got bigger…but slow gains…very slow gains n i dont feel sore the next day from a workout. I feel like i should. Any advice out there from anyone on rep techniques/wieght etc woukd be appreciated. I also get the squeeze n stuff aswell. I suppose what im asking is how do i make myself feel like ive worked out, tips or advice appreciated 🙂

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