5 More Skincare Combinations that Cause Breakouts & Inflammation | Beauty Tips

5 More Skincare Combinations that Cause Breakouts & Inflammation | Beauty Tips

Some things in life just
don’t go together, so we actually did a video on five
skincare combinations previously, and we stated ingredients
that shouldn’t be combined, because if they are, it actually causes
inflammation irritation and more breakouts, so we couldn’t fit everything
in that video, so today we’re gonna give you guys five more
skincare combinations to not mix, and more than just ingredients
we should not mix, we’re also gonna talk about skin care steps
that we could be doing wrong, and how to fix it, fix it, because some of these skincare
steps you might not even know, you’re kind of ordering
in the wrong way which is actually not
very beneficial, and doesn’t do the
product justice, so make sure you stay
until the very end, because I’m sure some of you guys
are making these little mistakes that actually cause much bigger
problems in the long run, skincare is different from
person to person, so keep in mind that everything we say isn’t
gonna be the same for everyone, and it’s always good
to learn more, so that we can know
more about our skins, and to know more about how
we can do things the right way, yeah, save yourself, so before we show
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beauty within membership, join us, let’s jump into the video. Spot treatments and moisturizers,
so this one might seem a little basic, it’s like I already know how
to use my spot treatment, but have you ever wondered if you’re
actually using your spot treatment correctly, maybe not, should you put it
on before or after your moisturizer, if you use spot treatment in the
wrong order of your skincare routine, you could actually cause
more harm on your skin, so first of all, what is
a spot treatment, it’s basically a concentrate
of active ingredients that are made to help breakouts and inflammation
go down in a certain spot or area, so you’ll see spot treatments
in different forms, but they all are made to do
generally what we said before, so the first one that you’ll see is
kind of like a pink powder lotion with some what looks like
water on the top of it, so this is actually calamine
powder with alcohol, and how you use these is that you
dip a q-tip to grab a little bit of the powder, and then on the way out, it coats it in some alcohol to
disinfect your zit and your pimple, and Kate Somerville
makes this, Etude House makes this
as well as Mario Badescu, and they’re all generally
the same thing, and then there’s also salicylic acid, which is a BHA which helps break down sebum
and pore clogging debris in your pores, which is basically what
causes pimples, and then the third type of spot
treatment is using essential oils, much like tea tree which is a
really good spot treatment, or you can find things like these ones which also have different
essential oils, this one has citrus and
lavender and thyme, through the passage of time, you hope
your pimple will go away, so there are two things when it comes
to spot treatment that you might be doing wrong doing, first is that you want to use it at the very
end of applying all your skin care products at night, so if you’re putting it on
straight after you cleanse and then putting on serums
and moisturizers and facial oils, you’re actually spreading it
around to places and areas that you don’t necessarily want the
spot treatment to go, like around the eye area
which is really sensitive, and you also diluting
that spot treatment, secondly what you might
be doing wrong or you might not actually think about is that spot treatments work most effectively when
a pimple or a blackhead or whatever it is has actually been extracted, so that way the
ingredients can seep into your pores, and really disinfect the area
from the root, whereas if you were to put something
over like an upcoming pimple all you’re doing is possibly just drying
out the surface layer of the skin, this might not be as effective,
but with the exception of cysts, because cysts will never turn in
to a whitehead or pop, because it’s so far down in the
layers of your skin, it will never see the light of day, so I definitely love my spot treatments, but make sure you’re using it in the right
stage of your skincare routine, so you get the maximum benefit of it,
using your day cream during the night, and using your night cream during the day,
so this one sounds pretty obvious, but it’s a combo that definitely
should not be mixed, because it can cause a lot of breakouts,
and I can personally attest to this, it seems pretty harmless, but it
actually has huge effects, there’s a reason why there are day
creams and night creams out there, and it’s not just to steer your money
in forms of different packaging, it’s got everything to do with how
our skins and body works to regenerate new cells and tissues, your skin is in its peak state
of repair at night, you’re tucked away in bed,
counting sheep, the majority of cell turnovers and regeneration
occurs when the body’s in its REM sleep, and REM stands for rapid
eye movement which is a shallow dream
filled sleep, during sleep the heartbeats
move more slowly, breathing become slower,
growth hormone peaks, muscle relax and body
temperature lowers, so why are we talking
about all of this, our skin needs different things during
different times of the day, so we need to apply different products
to help with each stage of the day, let’s start with day creams, day creams are generally more
lightweight in consistency, and paired with a good sunscreen during
the day to prevent damage whilst being out and about, also because your skin and
body is active, it’s producing oils and sweat and obviously
not repairing itself like it is at night, it is hungry for different things, as for night creams, night creams are packed with essential ingredients
that aid cell turnover, like retinoids peptides all which
helped soothe and repair the skin, so they’re generally thicker
and more nourishing, because the skin can get very
dehydrated during the night, and drink some more of
whatever you put on, hydration levels
decline at night, making nighttime moisturizing
an important step, this affects how well your
skin can defy aging too, so don’t use your day creams
during the night, and don’t use your night
creams during the day, because if you use a night
cream during the daytime, it’s too thick and nourishing, and just for me from personal experience,
it gets too oily and glossy, the consistency is too heavy
during the daytime, and at night if I use the day cream, my skin wakes up so
dehydrated and parched, so make sure you’re not using products
designed for the night during the day, and vice versa, so day creams we love using are more
gel-like in consistency and are far more lightweight compared to night creams, and a few samples are L’Occitane and Ole
Henriksen, and for night creams, I personally love the drunk elephant
marula oil at night, and same with Felicia we both
don’t use oils during the day, but at night it is very
very nourishing. Benzoyl peroxide and
moisturizer, so this one’s more about the order in
which we apply it on our face, so in our previous video, we talked a lot about
benzoyl peroxide, so you can go into that one if you want
a little bit more in-depth, benzoyl peroxide is basically just one
of those go to acne medicated ingredients much like salicylic
acid and also sulfur, but they all work in
different ways, so benzoyl peroxide
is an antimicrobial which means that it works to kill acne
causing bacteria in your pores, so it’s more useful for
papules and pustules which are larger inflamed
bumps on the skin, because they tend to have
more bacterial overgrowth, but if it’s things like
whiteheads or blackheads, benzoyl peroxide is
not needed for that, that’s just way too strong
for those things, so one thing you might be doing wrong
is when using benzoyl peroxide, don’t use this without actually
applying a moisturizer first, when it comes to using
benzoyl peroxide, make sure you always apply a
moisturizer before spot treating, or using anything with
benzoyl peroxide, so studies have shown that if you
take care of the skin barrier first, and hydrate it with moisturizer, it actually allows the benzoyl
peroxide to work more effectively, because most of the time if you
have like a group of pimples or breakouts, you think lathering on the most
acne medicated ingredients is what’s going to kill it, but this is actually what can cause more
irritation and more inflammation, because sometimes the medicated benzoyl
peroxide is too strong, so it comes in 2% 5% and 10% , I would highly recommend that you start
from as little as possible, so with benzoyl peroxide, just keep in mind that the more
isn’t always better, and the higher and stronger it is, the more
it could actually inflame your skin, so just be really careful of that, and make sure you moisturize before
applying any type of spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide, flaky skin exfoliation, so
during the winter months, my necks gets super flaky
and super dry, and my first instinct is to peel it off either
with a jello peel or like a physical exfoliating scrub, and it does temporarily make
my skin smoother, but I’ve learned how that it’s
actually the worst thing to do, because when your
skin is flaky and dry, it is actually begging for you to hydrate it
and to give it more nourishment, we mentioned this in depth in our dry
versus dehydrator video that we’ll link up here, so there’s actually a huge difference
between dull skin and dry skin, if you have a lot of flaking, it means that your skin is lacking a
lot of hydration and moisture, so during this time, do not
heavily exfoliate, exfoliating at this time can cause more disruptions
to the skin barrier and inflammation, making your skin worse, concentrate
on layers of moisturizing, and finish with facial oils, so that not
only is the deeper layers of the skin happy, but the surface layer of the skin is also
happily watered like a plant, also if your skin is flaking, find moisturizers rich in emollients to
soothe out rough and dry skin cells, so topical treatments are really
important when dealing with flaky dry skin, and here a couple of our
recommendations, so I’ve been loving the innisfree
orchid intense cream, it’s super thick and creamy in consistency
which is great for a night time, and there’s the dove derma series
replenishing face cream which is super super nourishing, and what will only be recommended for
those with really seriously dry skin, so this is one that’s really popular if
you ever searched for ingredients not to use together, and this one will always come up,
first of all what is vitamin C, pure vitamin C is also known
as L-ascorbic acid, and it’s really temperamental
as an ingredient, because if it’s not applied to a
certain pH level, it actually won’t work, and this is why you’ll see
a lot of vitamin C derivatives rather
than the pure vitamin C in a lot of skincare products, because it’s a
little bit more hassle free to use and also keep, so there’s superpowers
of vitamin C are, it’s an antioxidant that can reduce signs
of aging, it helps boost collagen production, it helps fade dark spots and
brightens the skin tone, and is actually a naturally
occurring antioxidant. Now Niacinamide on the other hand is a vitamin b3, it improves skin barrier function, assists in smoothing irritations and rosacea, fights free radicals, helps fight acne by helping regulate sebum production, and it helps fade dark spots and brightens the skin tone, and it’s also water soluble, so seeing as they both help to brighten the skin, and also help fade things like spots and hyperpigmentation, why can’t they be
used together, mixing niacinamides
and l-ascorbic acid can turn it into a niacin, which is a substance that can
cause redness and tingling, and this might show up if you
have sensitive skin or have inflammatory acne
hyperpigmentation, and it kind of looks like a rash
on the skin, but it is temporary, secondly sometimes when you mix
niacinamide and vitamin C together, it comes up as this
yellowy orangy solution, and if you see this color combination,
it’s actually like the death of vitamin C, because it means it’s oxidized, and
they’ve canceled each other out, and it’s basically
ineffective on your skin, so that was the long-running understanding
of why you shouldn’t mix these two together, but now if you search up new products
that contain these ingredients as well as skincare experts, they all say it’s actually safe to use it,
so the take away are three things, if you want to use it, just make
sure if you have sensitive skin, inflamed skin acne prone skin, I would still suggest that you
to be on the safe side, stay away from it, also keep in mind that vitamin C
is a little bit of a hassle to use as an ingredient, because every time that vitamin
C is exposed to light heat or air, it actually speeds up the process
that it oxidizes, and it smells like vinegar, and that’s the sign that you shouldn’t
be using that anymore, and that’s the myth, so if you guys were on the fence about
whether or not to use vitamin C and niacinamide, yes you can, theoretically
it’s just play it safe, try it on your own skin, and see what happens if
there’s any tingling or flushing, which is the niacin
effect happening, then stop using it right away,
and just use one at a time, so we have some recommendations
for you guys, if you guys are interested,
Rowena is a huge vitamin C gal, so we have drunk elephant C Firma Day Serum, just make sure you pair this with a good sunscreen, because your face will burn if not, so then there’s also the Oz
Naturals vitamin C facial serum, and in this it’s also got vitamin
E rosehip and hyaluronic acid, so it’s a little concoction
of vitamin C, and then I actually have this Dr Dennis Gross
Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum as well, but I’m gonna show you what
oxidized vitamin C looks like, and what you should stay away from
using when it becomes like this, Zoom up, over here,
so if I pump it out, you see how dark
orange that is, it went from like yellow
to just full-on orange, and that’s maybe not always
the case, but if it’s a pure vitamin C, if it oxidizes to this color,
I wouldn’t use it, and then if you like smell it, it is so acidic, it almost smells
like apple cider vinegar, and that’s just like something
to stay away from, so guys that was our second part
of this skincare combination series, we hope you guys learned a little bit
more about skincare steps in your routine, it’s not that you shouldn’t mix,
and it’s not like black and white, but you should be more mindful
of and test yourself, because at the end of the day,
we all have different skins, so for me I have very dry
dehydrated parched skin and combination during
the warmer months, so just all over the place,
and same with Felicia, but in her own way
she’s very oily, yes so with all of this it’s
good to do your research, and figure out what really
works for us, mostly through trial and error,
but it’ll be worth it, so make sure that you’ve subscribed to
our channel if you haven’t already, make sure you join our member, join the little button right there, and we’ll give you guys exclusive content
and we’ll see you in the next video bye.



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    Thank you for the last part. I started some new skin care and itbwas going great and then inhad the bright idea to go back to a papaya peel inhad previously enjoyed and now today my skin has splotches of irritations…so upon searching to try and narrow down the culprit I'm guessing it's the c firma from drunk elephant that is the vit c and the papaya peel with niacinamide ..it thought I had rinse the product off well enough but I clearly did not! And will ne avoiding that combo

  • Liam McCarthy

    Bruh i hate how it takes products so fucking long to know whether they work or not. I don't wanna spend 3 months doing a regimen that might not work for me

  • nicole druchen

    Yoh that such a cool join thing 😭💛

  • Kyle Alberto

    Thankyou for this channel you guys give me hope.

  • Namita .R

    Hey can I mix drunk elephant vitamin c and ordinary hyaluronic acid . I have combination skin . It’s been a week I have been using this combination, it’s worked pretty well. I wana know if it’s good in later run !! Please let me know

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