5 BEST MEAL PREP CONTAINERS ‣‣ non-toxic & safe

5 BEST MEAL PREP CONTAINERS ‣‣ non-toxic & safe

– Hi, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are talking about meal prep, and I’m going to share my five favorite meal prep containers. I personally think that these five are the best meal prep containers, and what I love about them
is that they are all glass and therefore non-toxic. So I’m gonna share why
I love each of them, how I use each of them, and of course, as always, links will be right down
in the description box. I also will link the full meal prep playlist that I have down below. We do a lot of meal prep on this channel, so I’ll link that down
below for you as well. And you can see kinda some of
these containers in action. So without further ado, let’s get started. All right, so my very first one is to buy a set of Glasslock containers. Glasslock containers are awesome. They seal really, really well, and what I love about
the set that I bought is it has a bunch of different
containers in one set. So you get three, I think you get nine different containers, and they kinda stack or they nest. So they’re great for storage, and I also love the tops. The literally lock onto place, you don’t have to worry
about them leaking, you don’t have to worry about them being in a lunchbox or a bag, and they keep things really air tight. So I would definitely
recommend buying a set of that. If you have not purchased
any meal prep containers, that is absolutely where I would start. I think it’s a great investment. It’s not even that pricey and they’ll last you forever. The second meal prep containers that I recommend are the
Pyrex stackable containers. I don’t actually know if
that’s what they’re called, but that’s kinda what I think of them as. They’re essentially like thin containers that are stackable in the fridge. So I love these for salads, I love them for quinoa dishes, I love them for things that
are a little bit thicker. They’re also great for
a kind of chicken, rice, that kind of thing, so if you were to divide and have different kind of layers, I guess that would work really well, but what I love most
about them is how thin and kind of easy they are to store. So they stack really well, they can slide right in your fridge, they don’t take up a lot of room in bag and they just work really well. The thing I would say isn’t as great about these is that the top isn’t maybe quite as secure as the Glasslock ones, so I don’t know if I would just take it and throw it in a bag and if it maybe got tilted or twisted, I don’t know if it would leak. I haven’t had problems with that, but it’s definitely not locking on there. It’s kind of just like a Tupperware lid that kinda just goes on
like a regular Tupperware. But like I said, they’re great for storage
if you are limited in space. They also nest really well in a cabinet if you wanna do that. And I just think they’re really practical and I really definitely recommend them. The third one is one that I don’t actually personally use on my own that much, but I think if you are somebody that’s going to the office every day or you’re going to school every day, I would say that these are a
really, really great option. They are the divider glass containers. So you’ve probably seen me us
these in a few of my videos, but essentially, they have two different
containers in them, and you can put something on one side and then another thing on another side. So what I love to use
these for is something where I don’t necessarily
want my vegetables mixed in with whatever I have here. So for example, the video
that I’m immediately thinking of that I use these
in is the quinoa curry. I had the curry on one side and then I served it with
some sauteed spinach, and for some reason, I just wasn’t feeling like I wanted those things mixed together. Sometimes you don’t want
thing mixed together. You wanna have two separate items. So this container option is really great ’cause it’s one container, but it gives you those
two separate spaces. I would say that these
don’t stack quite as well, so they definitely take up
more space in the cupboard, but they do have the Glasslock top, so they are more leak proof, and all of these glass
containers are also oven safe, which is great, or microwave safe, so you don’t have to worry about nasty toxins getting into your food when you heat them up ’cause they’re glass. The fourth thing that I recommend is Mason jars or Ball jars. I think that these are one of the best meal prep containers that
you can possibly have. Not only are they really inexpensive, they’re super affordable. You can usually buy them at a grocery store singly for like a dollar. But they also have a
ton of different sizes and I think that they have
a lot of different uses. So I personally use
Mason jars in my pantry to store things like nuts and seeds and grains and things like that, but I also use them for food storage and for food prep. I love the giant Mason jars, like the quart sized Mason jars for things like soups and smoothies. I love the smaller ones for things like dressings or little snacks. I also do overnight oats in them, I do overnight quinoa, I do cooked quinoa, I do chia puddings. I use Mason jars all
the time for meal prep, and I think that they
are really, really great. The one thing that I
would definitely recommend is if you do decide to do Mason jars, to get a bunch of Mason jars. I would try to, A, stick to the same size mouth through your whole Mason jar
collection if you can, so either go with wide mouth
which is what I would recommend or go with the narrow ones because then your tops are all interchangeable. And then I also recommend replacing the metal tops with
plastic tops if you can. I personally find that the
metal tops rust really easily, especially if you toss
them in the dishwasher, so I would say that you can just get a plastic one on Amazon, you can get a set of them. I just replace all of my
metal ones when I can, and it just helps them
stay good for longer, I guess you could say. And then finally, the fifth one is Stasher bags. So I love Stasher bags. I think they’ve become pretty trendy, but for good reason. They’re basically silicone
bags that are sealable. They’re basically like
a reusable Ziploc bag. I personally use Stasher
bags for my snacks, things like energy bites, smoothie packs. I use them for travel all the time. I have my tea in there, I have my matcha stuff in my Stasher bags. I just love them. I think they’re really great. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to
go with the brand, Stasher, there are now other
silicone bags out there. I’m sure you can look on Amazon. I just think this company is like, has a reputable brand name and I think they make really
high quality products. And they also have a
bunch of different sizes, which I really like, so they have the sandwich size, they have a larger size, and I think they’re great
for on the go snacks. I wouldn’t say that
they’re great for a meal, necessarily, because I don’t personally
wanna eat my meal out of a bag, but if you made sandwiches, they’d be really good, but things like salads and that kind of thing, I don’t think you can really use them for. So I do think they’re great, I think that they are last on my list just because they’re
not quite as functional as some of the other items on this list or especially for meals, but they are really
great if you have snacks, if you want to bring stuff
like that to the office. They’re great to store in the freezer, they’re great to store in the fridge, and I’ve had no problem either, A, cleaning them or them breaking or breaking down at all. So I really recommend them. I’ll link the ones that
I have down below because I think that they’re a great
addition to your kitchen. And that’s my list. My five best meal prep containers. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I also wrote a blog post to
pair along with this video. So I will link that down below for you. It kind of details all of the ways that I use each of the
different jars and containers. I give specific links, product links are also gonna
be down in the description box, but the blog post just
goes in more detail. So if you want a little
bit more detail about this, recipe ideas, things like that, definitely check out the blog post. It’s linked right down below this video. And if you have any meal prep questions, if there’s any more meal
prep content you wanna see or anything like that, let me know. I wanna start doing more of these videos that kind of talk about what’s inside my kitchen instead of
must sharing recipes. I know that you guys love recipes. I love recipes, so I’m gonna continue to share those, but I think that it’s also kind of helpful when you see some of the
gadgets that people use, the tools, the pans, the appliances, things like that. So I wanna kind of take you
more inside of my kitchen and give you kind of
more insight into things that go beyond just the actual recipes. So if that is something
that you would enjoy, let me know if there’s specific
topics you want me to cover because I definitely wanna make sure that I’m giving you what
you’re interested in seeing. So thank you guys so much for tuning in, thanks for watching. I always appreciate you being here. You are the absolute best. If you did like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye.



  • alwaysneed2learn

    I agree with everything and use all these containers frequently. However, I have found that the metal rings & lids on my Mason/Ball jars are more airtight for transporting liquids and for making sauces/dressings that may need to be shaken.

  • Jacqueline

    Great video very helpful thank you.

  • Sharon Weeks

    Hi. I’ve recently started moving towards glass over plastic. Thanks for the video.

  • Carmie Chiu

    very informative and neutral recommendations 👍❤️

  • Vincent Esposito, MS, DC

    Great idea for a video! For some people I speak with, making the change to glassware can be an effective tool! Often times plastics can be a big issue, particularly for those with livers that are already working overtime due to chronic inflammation, gut issues, etc. Another great tool for consumers is an app like Skin Deep, where you can compare and contrast potentially harmful chemicals in cosmetic products, as well as the EWG's Healthy Living App. Well done!

  • legal eagle

    I found that true about rusting Mason Jar tops. I just wipe the lids after washing immediately trying not to leave them wet that seems to help. I would definitely look into plastic tops though. Thanks for the video very helpful 🤗

  • Tracie Helfrich

    I have been searching for the right meal prep storage so your video came in really handy for me to dive in ., no need to search anymore. Thank you. I definitely need large widemouth mason jars to make some Kimichi. 💓

  • Amber Acosta

    Please do a video for kitchenware such as pots, pans, etc.

  • Dawn Morants

    Loved this, thank you so much! Do you have a preference for the ones you use in the freezer?

  • kcnative1

    I love the Pyrex stackables. They are the perfect size for lunches. But, I do caution the lids started to smell from excessive use. It took about a year or two for the lids to start smelling.

  • Katie Frank

    Thanks, Alyssa! Are the recipes you show the same ones in the meal-prep recipes link? They look so good!!
    This information is so helpful, too, btw!!

  • Christal Williams

    Thank you for sharing!! I have just about everything you’ve mentioned (except the stasher bags) but I had no idea that you could buy the plastic lids for mason jars. I’m definitely ordering those because like you mentioned it’s annoying that the metal lids rust so easily. Again, thank you!

  • Charlotta Raivio

    I've had the Glass Lock containers for years now. I love them. Best on the market in my opinion. And they come in so many sizes and shapes which is awesome.

  • Laura L Vegan

    Very helpful!

  • dorami3

    Essentially all the meal prep containers that I use, except for the glass divider. I’m intrigued. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lindsay Toussaint

    Agreed 100% on all of these. I also use the stashed bags for marinating tofu or tempeh! Also, off-brand glasslocks are fine in my experience but other silicon bags just haven’t worked for me. Some end up being just plastic, others have those inconvenient plastic sealer things. I go with stasher all the way.

  • Rose Ladd

    💌 I really like the glass Pyrex containers, they wash up so nice and don't get stained like plastic. The silicon reusable bags are one of the best inventions ever esp. when you meal prep and cook alot, it is nice to save cost.

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