4 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Diet Sucks 🍽

4 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Diet Sucks 🍽

After two weeks of rigorous dieting, your
weight loss suddenly stops, your cravings shoot through the roof, and bam, you’re
done trying. It seems like things just didn’t go your
“weigh”, heh. But the sudden stop might not be your fault.
Instead, the weight loss plan you’re following might just, to put it bluntly… it kinda
sucks. So in this video, we’re gonna look at four
reasons why your diet might suck and hopefully provide you with some ways to fix it. First reason why your diet plan is no good:
It does not account for portions and/or calories. Even with much debate, we have plenty of data
to suggest that calories are the overarching measurement of weight management.
Calorie intake versus calorie expenditure. For weight loss, that means achieving a calorie
deficit, ie eat fewer calories than you burn. But even with this understanding, many diets
don’t actually adhere to it, a lot of times ignoring calories entirely, let alone managing
food portions. Rather, they like to overly overemphasize
eating as much so-called “healthy” foods as you like when they’re not actually all
that great for weight loss. A good example would be fruit smoothies, something
heavily promoted by our wonderful fitness IG influencers to this day.
As great as fruits might be in its whole form, mushing it all together into a goo-like green
baby food turns a once fiber-rich satiating food into a super calorie bomb that doesn’t
necessarily make you feel full. Worse yet, they’re more prone to making
you gain weight rather than lose. An even worse offender are fruit juices. Touted
for the same health benefits plus a random fortification of a handful of vitamins, juices
strip fruits entirely of its crucial fiber and its calories are through the roof, even
surpassing soft drinks. Ultimately, even if you are aiming for healthier
food options, best practice is to understand, not necessarily count, how many calories you’re
actually eating and burning. And if you do go for healthy foods, aim for
its whole food forms rather than its liquidy and processed counterpart.
I’ll leave links to a calorie calculator and some calorie apps in the description below
so you can get started with knowing your own calorie needs. Number 2 goes for those diets that DO mention
calories but fail to adjust it over time. Yes, staying at a calorie deficit over time
will lead to weight loss, but your deficit doesn’t stay the same forever.
Over time, losing weight will naturally lower the amount of calories you burn.
The science for it largely falls on your BMR, which is the amount of calories you burn at
rest, and your NEAT, N E A T, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, aka activities you
do unrelated to actual exercise. As your BMR and NEAT drop, thus calories burned,
your current deficit might no longer be a deficit, or at least not the magnitude it
was before. And if your diet doesn’t adjust for these
changes, then weight loss will likely stop. Now, how would we adjust it? Well, there are
two options: One, clearly you can adjust the amount and
type of food you eat. You can increase the portions of your protein
since protein is energy-costly to digest, which burns more calories, and protein is
much less likely to be stored away as fat. It also helps you feel fuller.
But in general, the option is to eat less overall to sustain a deficit.
But having to eat less and less can open up a whole new set of issues, like rising hunger
levels, lack of essential nutrients, and drops in energy levels.
Luckily, the second, better option can prevent this, and that is to actively burn more calories.
It might dip down your energy levels a bit but burning more calories will save you from
extreme nutrient deficiencies and increased hunger levels.
A popular option here is cardio. Cardio, be it steady-state or high intensity cardio,
tend to burn the most calories compared to other exercises.
Lifting weights is a good option as well, especially to preserve muscle mass.
My top recommendation is to actually do both, lift weights and cardio. Doing both together
have shown to preserve or even build muscle while burning the most amount of fat possible.
Best of both worlds. Yes, easier said than done of course, but
really, weight loss was never intended to be easy, just that we want to provide the
least restrictive path to it. Proper exercise is definitely part of that
path. If you need more help walking through this,
please come join us in our PictureFit discord community and we’ll be more than happy to
help. Third reason your diet isn’t working is
not because it sucks, it might just simply not be the diet for you.
Ever wondered why a diet worked for your friend but not you?
The food choices, the restrictions, the macronutrient proportions, and so on just might not be for
you. Now, sometimes removing certain foods can
help certain people more easily sustain a calorie deficit. For others, though, it might
actually make things harder. Take low-carb diets for example. Has worked
wonders for many, especially in cutting out excessive amounts of sugars, but that isn’t
necessary for everyone. Carbs might actually be a very important fuel source for you, so
restricting might be more problematic than helpful.
Now, what matters most and what has been highlighted in many long-term research trials, is that
one, you gotta sustain that calorie deficit of course, but two, and relevant here, you
gotta choose a diet you can stick to. Personally, I like the calories and protein
appraoch. Works for me, works for a lot of people, and maybe works for you… or not.
So shop around a little bit longer to find a diet that works for you. And finally, number four, your diet tries
to do too much too quickly. I’m talking about those diets that promise
you’ll lose 20 pounds in just 20 days, or even a week, whatever it might be.
And some do try to push you to the extreme, ahem Biggest Loser, with no regard for your
actual health. Needless to say, this is dumb and dangerous.
Plus, the big question about these diets is what are you gonna do after your 30-day challenge?
Especially if you’re not even half way to what the diet promised you would lose?
Three words: You will quit. All I can say to this is… patience.
It took a while to gain all the unwanted weight in the first place. It’s gonna take a while
to lose it. Adjusting and figuring out your calorie intake
and portions will require patience to resolve. The amount of calories you burn will drop
over time, so it’ll take more effort and patience to achieve a defict.
Choosing the right diet isn’t always easy and might require a bit of experimenting,
so be patient when testing things out. Patience, we all need more of it.
And with that, we now have four new reasons that might explain why your weight loss diet
isn’t working. If you have other reasons you think some diets
don’t work, please feel free to share it the comments below.
If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your diet loving friends and give it
a patient thumbs up. As always, thank you for watching and GET



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