4 mistakes when using HERBS. Avoid side effects & herb-drug interactions.

4 mistakes when using HERBS. Avoid side effects & herb-drug interactions.

Use of herbs is on the rise, but, what are
the key mistakes and even dangerous mistakes people make when starting their herbal journey? Find out 4 key mistakes on this video let’s go humans have been using herbs to strengthen and balance their life for thousands of years, Ancient healers in pretty much every culture used herbs to aid wellbeing. For example, one of the oldest mummies discovered who died around 5000 years old was found with two medicinal mushrooms. So this shows that humans have been using herbs, mushrooms and natures healing aids for millennia Now things have gone 360 and more people currently are getting into herbs, and with anything powerful, knowledge is power. Although herbal medicine, when applied correctly, is an extremely safe and well-tolerated approach to improving health and wellbeing, not all
herbs are safe for all people and equally, one dose doesn’t fit all. I’m going to do a whole video on dose and how to mix herbs correctly, so if you want to see that video, make sure you comment below and hit the subscribe button I know some people can see herbs as threatening, but it’s interesting, many people will be comfortable
buying sage, turmeric, thyme, mint or chamomile, and these herbs are powerful but what makes us comfortable with them is only cause we’re comfortable with them but herbs such as ginkgo, cat’s claw or milk
thistle people may find more threatening, as many people just have not heard of them before. But remember, herbs have been used for thousands
of years, as long as you have an idea of contraindications, potential side effects and drug herb interactions and if you have any potential allergies or intolerances ,you can use herbs with confidence. So let’s get into the mistakes The first mistake is not buying from good
herb sources One of the reasons that people may get negative
reactions to herbs, sometimes some dishonest companies add bulking herbs to the advertised
herb, either on purpose or by accident, thus meaning you may be consuming things you didn’t
know. Ensure if you’re buying loose leaf herbs or tea, to either make sure it’s 100% the
herb your paying for. Lookout for where it says 100% and reputable companies test this.
If you’re buying a herbal blend, ensure you understand the herbs that are in it. The added
herbs could be safe but could also reduce the benefits derived, so that’s definitely
something to think about. I tend to have a spreadsheet with suppliers
and links that i’d use and buy from personally, this can be found in the description. With
anything you put in your body, it’s best not to cut corners, see it as an investment,
check reviews, and if it’s based in europe, japan, or australia, they follow strict rules
on picking and preparing the herbs, so you don’t have to worry. The second key mistake people make when starting
their herb journey is not thinking of herb-drug interactions In short if you are taking herbs, even everyday
herbs such as ginger, basil or tumeric and you currently take medication for an ailment
it’s best to let your doctor know as drug-herb interactions can get serious. I try to focus this channel on optimising
daily wellness, that is, making your day to day life better and more efficient. But if
you’re going through illness, healing is personal, and you should defo ensure that
the herbs you’re taking does not adversely interact with your medication you are taking. The reason why this is a mistake is because
a herbs can change the way you respond to the medicine your taking The difference between herbs and medicines,
is medicines tend to have specific doses and timings, which are precalculated, where as
herbal medicine, does not standardised. The reason for standardized conventional medicine
is to create a period of therapeutic activity in the body and if a herb alters this, that
could make the medicine either less effective or actually enhance the medication. For example,
herbs high in tannins may lead to a reduction of the amount of medication absorbed through
the digestive system. So if you’re currently on medication, you
may want to be careful and book a consultation. Although i’m a certified herbalist, i currently
focus on optimising wellness, bodybuilding and getting most of day to day life, to actually
understand drug-herb consultations, you need to consult speak to a medical herbalist that
focuses on healing, or at least, see some of the resources I have in the description. Another thing, if you have kidney issues,
blood related issues, diabetes issues, you need to be extra mindful The third mistake people make when starting
their herb journey is using too much too soon. With research and understanding Side effects
are rare. But, with herbs, some people just dive in using too much too soon. This might not be a problem if you have not
got any allergies, intolerances or hypersensitivities. And if you’re focusing on herbs with that
are tonics or nutritives. But with some people don’t know their sensitivities
and with some herbs, some people may have side effects. Don’t get me wrong, you can have good side
effects, for example, you may be using a herb to boost energy but also notice you’re having
better sleep and your hair is growing faster. As you know herbs are holistic, so you can
see multiple benefits But some people may also have negative side
effects, for example, some people may find that adaptogens may be too stimulating, or
they may find they feel jittery, wired or some people report headaches. This is why, for some, it’s good to introduce
herbs one by one and at low doses, this is how you can monitor how the body reacts. If
you do try creating a blend and have issues. Then you need to use the elimination method,
use the herb one by one and see which herb you have the issue with and either eliminate
or reduce the dose. Sometimes the issues form from having too
high a dose. Especially if you’re using extracts and tinctures. Incremental increases are better than starting
high, starting low and going from there. I’ll give you guys a random example of how
overloading the body becomes noticeable. For the first 4 years of me going plant based
i had no sugar, no dried fruits,nothing processed that really spikes the blood sugar levels.
Then one day, i discovered dates, i devoured the whole pack as I couldn’t believe how nice
they were and they were natural. believe you me, that’s the only time i’ve ever been
sugar high, i literally felt high and light headed. But, if i had a few dates, and then
a few more and then more, i wouldn’t have had that feeling. Also, if you have plant allergies, for example
some people are allergic to a whole family of plants. The most common allergy is to the
apiaceae family, this includes celery, carrots etc and herbs in this family include dill,
parsley. The last mistake is not using an holistic
approach Some people use herbs to try boost their energy
levels but they haven’t taken the first step in the holistic approach which is diet and
lifestyle. They may not have ensured they are getting their magnesium, iron, vitamin
d or b12, they may not be sleeping enough, or they may have other issues they may not
yet deal with. There isn’t any magic pills that allow us
to bypass the basics, yes they may receive some benefits but herbs are way more effective
if you are doing the basics A quick bonus mistake and hitting the like
button for this extra is not taking a herb regularly enough to see if it makes a difference,
it’s unlikely you will see changes or benefits in less than ⅔ days, a week to a month is
a good time. There are other mistakes too so smash the
like button and comment below if you want a part 2 Thanks for watching, it’s paul otote, certified
herbalist, nutritionist, subscribe for more, health, herbs, muscle hustle. Before you go, click my face to get my herb
guide and be sure to check out these 2 videos right here and right here/ See you guys on the next one



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