3X Pitching Velocity Camp Review! [Top Velocity 2 Day Pitching Camp] – Is it worth it?

3X Pitching Velocity Camp Review! [Top Velocity 2 Day Pitching Camp] – Is it worth it?

Hey, what’s going on guys, Coach Madden
yougoprobaseball.com and I actually just got home from
attending a 3x pitching camp up in Louisiana at top velocity with Brent
Pourciau. In fact, I’ve been putting content online for many years so has
Brent but we just met earlier this year in January I flew up there in February
to check out his facility we shot some videos you may have seen some of them on
YouTube here but then just recently here in November I went up there again and I
got to experience one of his 3x pitching camps and it was amazing and I thought
I’d shoot a review video here right now while it’s still fresh in my head and
give you some of the things that I learned that I never knew about the camp
as well as some of the things that I knew and some of the things about the
camp so if you’re interested in attending one of the camps this would be
a good video for you to watch give you a little more insight into the camp and
what you should be expecting also Brent hooked me up with a coupon code MADDEN
it’s just my last name and if you’re interested in going to one of the camps
you can use that coupon code to save you a little bit of money on the camp and in
fact I’ve got a few extra things that I want to give to you if you if you do
attend the camp but I’m gonna tell you about that a little bit later in the
video first I want to explain some of the things that I did not know about the
3x pitching camp the first thing is that when you pay for the camp you not only
get the camp it’s a two-day camp we not only get to attend the two-day camp but
you also get unlimited access to the program right the programming so you get
the program and also you get access to the gym for example there was a guy
there real cool guy a professional baseball player who was attending in the
camp that I was just at and he’s gonna stay for three months after the camp and
he’s gonna go in and train every single day and that doesn’t cost him anything
right that comes with the camp so I thought that was amazing I think back to
the time when I was in minor-league baseball and I didn’t have any money and
I was always looking for places to Train and you know this would be the perfect
place because you’re not having to pay every single day to Train or you know
for the week or for the month or whatever it could be it could be so
expensive now I know these camps are pretty expensive but the other great
thing that I learned is that they have financing available so you don’t have to
pay this big chunk of money up front right so I mean I couldn’t believe that
I was like why doesn’t every single minor leaguer
college player high school Collider go you does the money is not an issue
especially with the coupon code and the financing and then you don’t have any
cost when you stay there and train there after so I’m like wow that is amazing I
couldn’t believe that that’s a huge value in my opinion some of the things
that I did know is again it’s a two-day camp and guys are seeing huge huge
results there’s banners all across the facility of guys who have broken the 90
mile an hour mark as well as if they were already over the 90 mile an hour
mark if they gained five or more mile an hour I believe it is they get a banner
up there and then there’s other guys just making huge gains all the time like
I said they’re in there every single day and they’re busting their butt from the
morning until after noon and they’re in there it’s just a great environment they
got the music plan they’re all going through their drills and their mobility
their lifts and all that and again that’s what the camp is all about in
those two days you’re gonna get in there and you’re gonna learn everything that
you need to know that’s in the programming so you’re gonna have a much
even if you already have the program like if you bought the program online
you’re gonna learn so much about how to do it in the camp and the in the two-day
camp the 3x pitching camp that you know it’s just so much valuable information
so from there going forward if you wanted to stay a week there was another
kid staying a week after the camp or two weeks or a month three months whatever
it is you can do that and get ready for your season so that’s again totally
amazing you’re gonna learn all of the mechanics stuff in fact they put on 4d
analysis and they get on the pitching mound obviously after warming up and
stuff and then you look right behind you there’s a big-screen TV with your
analysis on there your 4d you can see your hip to shoulder separation you can
see all your flaws he talks with you right there in person about what you
need to be focusing on it’s amazing amazing stuff they do all the
evaluations there in the morning before you get on the mound then they go
through all the med ball throws everything that you need to know that’s
in the programming then the lifts more of the drills that you’re gonna be doing
it’s just so much valuable information if you’re an aspiring pitcher who’s
trying to pitch faster you definitely need to check this out now another thing
I didn’t know that I forgot to mention is that it’s not just pitchers okay it’s
heavily pitchers but you can also attend if you’re a position player
trying to throw harder or you’re a hitter that wants to hit for more power
or a catcher that wants to lower your pops I’m the only difference is he’ll
change the programming a little bit for you
but this lifts are still all the same a lot of the drills are still all the same
there might be little tweaks but if you’re trying to increase and be a
better baseball player this is definitely the camp you want to attend
again to day camp really awesome I have nothing bad to say about it really good
stuff I’ve been watching Brent for many years in fact I want to offer you guys
who are kind of on the fence maybe maybe you were thinking about attending but
now with this new information you’re definitely gonna if you do use the
coupon code MADDEN you’re obviously you’re gonna save a little bit of money
on the camp but I also want to send you a YouGoPro t-shirt just a way for me
to say thank you for being a part of the you go pro family and I would be happy
for you to have that also I want to give you my advanced sinker and slider
training as well as my advanced forkball and splitter training so if you sign up
to one of the 3x pitching camps you’re gonna get t-shirt you’re gonna get the
two programs advanced sinker and slider advanced football and splitter as well
as unlimited access to the 3x program access to the camp the two-day camp and
then access to the gym thereafter so really I mean huge huge value there hand
you can finance the whole thing so you’re not having to pay a big chunk
upfront so I hope I hope that some of you guys take the leap and take you know
the step to take your game to the next level and start pitching faster because
again if I was a minor leaguer and I knew of all this stuff I’d be like man
this mitt is a no-brainer to me so really cool stuff just let me know where
I need to send the shirt to as well as the programs to so I can get those out
to you right away and then of course I’ll leave the link down below with all
the information all the dates so you can check out the dates and stuff and also
if we get a few guys from the YouGoPro family to attend one camp I can’t
promise this but if my schedule allows it I’ll fly up there so I can help you
guys personally through all the drills in the training and that’d be really
cool for me as well because I love everything that’s going on up there and
I to help you part of the you go pro
family experience that training as well so if you’re interested in that again I
can’t promise that one but all the other stuff I can promise the t-shirt the
training programs and then all the stuff that you get from top velocity as well
so I hoped you liked this 3x pitching camp review again all the information
is down below so check it out if you have any questions I hope I talked about
everything that I wanted to touch on but if you have any questions about the top
velocity pitching camp leave them down below I’d love to help answer them again
I was there I got to experience everything that goes on in the camp so I
maybe can provide you with some more insight if you’re having any questions
about that so thank you so much as always for watching and I will see you
guys in the next video



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    Taken my 13 year old lefty to the Top Velocity camp in December. And we couldn't have done it without the financing they now offer. I was wondering about my son's age at first but after Brent watched Taylor's pitch and after talking with him about Taylor the decision was a no brainer. Cannot wait to get there!

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