3 Quad Exercises For Skinny Guys & HARDGAINERS!

3 Quad Exercises For Skinny Guys & HARDGAINERS!

What’s going on nation? I’m Scott from Muscularstrength.com And even though I know leg videos get horrible views, we can’t ignore them just like you shouldn’t be skipping the leg day So today we’re going to go over three quad exercises for skinny guys or hard gainers and if you haven’t been keeping up with all the videos in this series Make sure you click the link the entire playlist down in that pin comment section below and because it’s a leg video Make sure you show some love and share it get it get it to where it needs to be help a fellow Gym, dude out who doesn’t train legs now remember guys this advanced technique utilizes specific movements to emphasize the stretch flex and Overload of a muscle group when training to help you hide gainers build more muscle by creating a stronger mind muscle connection But anyone can train with this technique to bust through a muscle building plateau as well stretch flex overload works by performing a tri set of three different exercises and the strategy behind this technique is to use the first two exercises to establish the ultimate mind muscle connection And then utilize the third movement to completely hammer out the quads to exhaustion as for the routine itself You’re going to perform 8 to 10 reps per exercise and complete 4 rounds of all three movements only Resting 60 to 90 seconds after you complete one round of all three exercises Remember guys, it’s a tri-set So there is no rest between exercises and you’re gonna complete a total of four rounds So let’s get started. The first exercise is gonna focus on the stretch and you’re gonna do the sissy squat now I know what you guys are gonna say only good. I’m not gonna do that exercise. Everyone’s gonna look at me weird Let me tell you a little secret No matter what you do in the gym whether you are the most overweight person in the gym or the most in-shape Insanely ripped person in the gym. People are gonna talk shit about you Okay, so this is for your gains not theirs. So just do it. Alright, let’s get started so the stretch This is the best exercise to focus on the stretch for the quads and it is going to help you so much with Establishing that strong mind muscle connection, but it will take some practice to do this exercise proper form looks like this You’re gonna hold on to something sturdy for those of you that are advanced You might not have to hold on to anything But I still recommend that you do you’re gonna hold on to something sturdy You go up on your tiptoes like this and you’re gonna flex your core and you flex your glutes and you’re gonna push your hips forward you want to basically try to keep this portion of your body as Stiff and straight as possible. So that as you lean back All that tension goes right to the quads So as you lean back as you get to about here, you can start to feel a deep stretch whoa One second. See even the professionals mess up, so don’t don’t get embarrassed in the gym Get a hold a little lower here get on your tippy toes and then as you go backwards, you’re gonna go down as far as you possibly can and then when you get to the bottom That’s when you’re gonna feel the stretch stay here for a second come back up to the top and then repeat for repetition so on the tippy toes Flex your glutes flex your core go down as far as you can And repeat for reps and now you can also do this with a band which might be easier for the majority of you and To do this with a band. All you’re gonna do is attach it to something sturdy like this and then as you perform the movement You’re gonna use this to offset your weight. So stand on your tippy-toes Flex your flex your gluts keep your core nice and tight. And then as you go back you use the band to offset your weight and Then go back to the top portion of the movement I know maybe more people would be happy doing this exercise if it was called like the matrix So that’s what we’ll call it do the matrix first That’s gonna work your stretch the second exercise to focus on the Flex You guys are gonna use a leg extension machine now. I know some of you might say well this exercise hurts my knees Well, guess what? We’re not using a ton of weight doing this exercise all we’re using this exercise for is to get to the top of the movement and Flex and squeeze our quads as hard as we possibly can Preferably holding it for about one second before returning back to the starting position and going back up and continuing this move pattern for reps. Now remember, like I said the goal here isn’t weight It is focusing on the flex so go light with this exercise and really help establish a stronger mind muscle connection And for the third exercise guys You’re gonna focus on the overload and I wanted you all to be able to lift as much weight as possible And I’m sure a lot of guys thought it was gonna be a front squat But we’re actually gonna do a barbell hack squat instead You’re gonna be able to lift a lot more weight off the floor doing a barbell hack squat Which is gonna allow you to overload your quads a lot more as well, but there are some key form things You have to keep in mind in order to execute this exercise properly And those are being that you want your feet about shoulder-width apart So like your heels or under your knees and your knees are under your shoulders That’s the straight line you want to be in and you also want to make sure that your toes are pointing forward Don’t turn them out and don’t turn them in just like if you guys were to do a front squat to maximize that quad Engagement you keep those toes pointing forward and you keep them about shoulder-width So the form is kind of the same now where things change obviously is with the front squat You have to hold the weight up here like this, but with a barbell hack squat, we’re lifting the weight directly off the ground So we’ll be able to load much more on the back What you’re gonna do is go down and grab the barbell outside of shoulder width And then from here you want to drop your hips and keep your chest up and then push through your heels To get to the top of the movement Once you get to the top flex your quads and then bring the weight back down and you’re gonna repeat this movement for reps Trying to overload as much as you possibly can Alright guys, so that wraps up your quad workout and it should only take you about 20 to 25 minutes max Remember the idea behind this series is to get you in and out of the gym as fast as possible while also dealing maximum muscle damage for regrowth because as a hard gain out You don’t want to be burning too many calories with long workouts You need those calories to build muscle one last thing if you’re not a hard gainer and want to add this workout to your current leg training try adding only two rounds as a finisher after your current leg workout is complete now I plan on doing hamstrings for the next hard gainers video but only if this video gets 3000 or more likes so get to smashing that like button and as always more good stuff coming soon See ya guys



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