3 *CLASSIC* Dessert Recipes…MADE HEALTHY!

3 *CLASSIC* Dessert Recipes…MADE HEALTHY!

(relaxing music) – Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got a sweet treat inspired recipe video for you. We are making classic desserts healthier. So I’ve chose three desserts
that I personally love, and I think are classics. Some might disagree, but I
feel like they’re classics, and I’m kind of healthifying them, I guess you can say. These recipes are mostly vegan. One of them does use honey. I will give a substitute
if you do not eat honey, so make sure to check that out as well. So these absolutely all can be made vegan, and they are also gluten-free, and they use no refined sugar. So hopefully they’re like, like I said, healthier alternatives to some of the classic recipes. So the three recipes that we’re gonna be making today are a soft and chewy vegan
chocolate chip cookie. They are potentially the best
chocolate chip cookies ever, they’re so good. We’re also gonna be making
some fudgy chocolate brownies, and then we’re finishing things off with a gluten-free version
of Rice Crispy Treats that uses honey. So all of these recipes
are really simple to make, they’re delicious, and they’re
already up on the blog, so if you’re interested in making them, you can find the links for the recipes right down below the subscription box. As always, before we dive in, I just want to encourage you to subscribe if you are not already a
subscriber here on this channel. If you enjoy healthy recipes like this as well as lifestyle
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this video that says subscribe. Without further ado, let’s get started and get into today’s recipes. So the first recipe we’re gonna make are the soft and chewy
chocolate chip cookies. We’re gonna start by adding some melted coconut oil into our bowl. To that you’ll also
add some coconut sugar, and then I like to use
my electric mixer here, and I just beat it together
until it’s combined. It’s gonna be kind of sandy. It’s not gonna be creamy like butter, but once it’s combined, you can add in the flax egg as well as some vanilla extract, and then you’ll use your
electric mixer again to beat that together. Then it should get kind
of creamy at that point. It will be not like fluffy, but it will be nice and soft and creamy. So there we will add
in our dry ingredients. So we’re gonna be using
some quinoa flour here. We’re also gonna be adding
a touch of arrowroot starch, some baking soda and some sea salt. Then you can either
fold this all together, or honestly, I find it just easier to use the electric mixer again to beat it all together. Just make sure that it’s on low so that your flour doesn’t spray all over your kitchen. Once you have your dough all combined and the flour has been
completely mixed in to the dough, you are gonna add in your chocolate chips. So I just use some vegan
dark chocolate chips, and then I use the spatula or wooden spoon to fold that all together, and try to make sure
that the chocolate chips are as evenly spread out
through that dough as you can. The next step is to let this chill. I recommend that you let it chill for at least half an hour. It just kind of gives it a better texture when they bake it, and helps
them be a little bit chewier. Once they have cooled, they
will kind of harden a bit because coconut oil hardens when it cools, so you are gonna want to just
let it sit at room temperature for a good five minutes, just so that it kind of
heats up a little bit, warms up, I guess, and you
can scoop it out of the bowl. So I like to use a cookie scoop. I’ve used this in pretty much every cookie video that I’ve ever made. I’ll link it down below for you. It makes the perfect
sized cookies every time. So I scoop out the dough
using that cookie scoop, I put it into my hand, and then I just form
the cookie into a ball. Then you can put the balls
onto the baking sheet that’s lined with parchment paper, and once you’ve completed that, you’ve filled your baking sheet and you’ve used all your dough, you’re gonna use your hands to just kind of flatten the cookies down. So that’s gonna help
them spread more evenly, and it’s also gonna help them get crispy edges and chewy centers. From there, we will bake
these at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, and then I recommend
letting them cool in the pan for two to three minutes before you transfer them to a wire rack. Again, I will say, these
cookies are absolute fabulous. I had them on my counter
in an airtight container for like four days, they
still tasted amazing and they retained that
awesome, chewy texture. So I highly recommend you guys make them because I think they will quickly become your favorite cookie of all time. (relaxing music) The next recipe we’re making are brownies. We’re gonna start by making our wet ingredients together first, so we’re gonna use a flax egg as well as some almond milk. We’re also gonna use some mashed avocado. If you don’t wanna use avocado, you could use mashed banana or applesauce. We’re gonna use some melted chocolate. I just took half a cup
of dark chocolate chips and melted those in the microwave. Add that in there, and
then we’re also gonna add a cup of coconut sugar. Then you will take a whisk
to beat this all together, and once it’s smooth, you can set it aside and move on to the dry ingredients. So for the dry ingredients, we’re gonna be using oat
flour as well as almond flour. We’re also gonna use cacao powder, a little bit of arrowroot
starch, sea salt, and some baking soda, and whisk that altogether
until it’s combined. I do find that coco
powder, or cacao powder, as well as almond flour, tends to get kind of clumpy, you’ll see the little balls in there. I recommend using your hands to break those up as much as you can. So whisk it as much as you can, or use your hands to break everything up. Alternatively, you could
also sift it all together. Once the dry ingredients are together, you’re just gonna pour the wet
ingredients into this bowl. You’ll use a spatula to
fold it all together. This dough is on the thicker side, it kind of is like a spreadable texture, you’ll see when we put it in the pan, but definitely on the thicker side, so don’t worry about that. Don’t add more liquid, it’s
gonna work, don’t worry. Once you have that all combined, you can add that into your baking pan. For this recipe, I recommend using an eight by eight baking pan. I line it with parchment paper and then I just dump the
dough directly into the pan. I recommend using your
spatula, kind of spread it out as evenly as you can, and then if it starts
to stick to the spatula or the parchment paper moves around, which tends to happen, just lightly wet your hands, and you can just press the dough into the pan using your hands, and you can kind of get it more
evenly spread out in there. Once you have it all evenly
in there, you can bake this. I baked these for about 20
minutes or so at 350 degrees, and then you’re gonna
let it cool completely before you slice it. So I’m gonna link the recipe that I based these off down below. I didn’t follow it exactly, I wanted to simplify it a
little bit more for you guys. So the one that I based
it off is down below, and I’ll let you know
any modifications I made in the description box as well. Once you are ready to
enjoy these brownies, they’re nice and cool, you can cut them into your squares, and just like regular
brownies, they are delicious. They’re chocolatey, they’re
gooey, they’re fudgy, perfectly sweet, and also
vegan and gluten-free, which is awesome. So I hope you guys try
these, just like the cookies, and I hope you finally have a delicious, healthy version of the classic brownies. (relaxing music) Last but not least, we’re gonna be making our Rice Crispy Treats. So start by whisking together some almond butter and honey in a pan. I, for some reason, forget to film that slash can’t find the footage, so basically add it into a pan, put it on low heat, and
whisk it all together until it’s melted. If you are completely vegan
and you don’t eat honey, then you can use brown rice
syrup instead of the honey. So just, once it’s smooth and combined, you can set that aside, and we’re actually gonna just pour it directly on to our Rice Crispies. So the Rice Crispies that I use are just brown Rice Crispies. I bought them at Whole Foods, They’re the regular 365 brand. They taste exactly like
regular Rice Krispies but they’re made with brown
rice instead of white rice, so they are a tiny bit healthier and they’re also gluten-free, and they work perfectly here. So just pour that liquid mixture over the Rice Crispies, and then you will use your
spoon to mix it all together and again, for some reason,
can’t find the footage of that, so sorry about that, but I basically just stir
it together with my spatula. Then you can transfer
it into a nonstick pan. It doesn’t really matter
if it has parchment paper because they shouldn’t really stick. I didn’t have any trouble with them sticking in this pan, but basically, just transfer all of that Rice Crispy
mixture into your pan and then use your hands to really press it down into the pan. You wanna press as hard as possible, because it’s not super
sticky like marshmallows. You really need to press it down in order for this,
everything to hold together. If you find that you can’t press it down hard enough with your hands, you can also use a flat-bottomed glass or a measuring cup or something like that. I tend to do a mixture of both, so I’ll press it as firmly
as I can with my hands and then I’ll use a flat-bottomed glass or a metal measuring cup to press it down even further, especially towards the corners. But once you have it kind of flat on top and it’s totally as
firm as you can get it, pop this in the fridge for about an hour. This will help everything kind of harden I guess a little bit,
and or help everything hold together better. I do recommend storing
these in the fridge. It helps prolong their shelf life I guess you can say, and it just kind of keeps
them firm and together. So once they are cooled, you can just dump the pan out. It should just come right out of the pan, and cut it into your squares. That’s it for these ones. They taste so good. They definitely have a
strong flavor of honey which I personally think is delicious. They’ll taste different, obviously, if you use brown rice syrup, but they have that crunch, they hold together, they
are super, super delicious. They’re also super easy
to make, which is great, and if you, make sure that you buy certified gluten-free Rice Crispies, then they’re also gluten-free. (relaxing music) There you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s recipes. Definitely let me know which one you’re gonna
try first in the comments. They’re all delicious. if I had to choose one, I would choose the chocolate chip cookies because they are just like, mm, so good. So if you do wanna make all of the recipes or any of the recipes, the links are down in the
description box for you. These are up on the blog already that has instructions,
ingredient lists, more photos, and it talks a little bit
more about the recipe. So if you’re interested
in checking that out, I left those links down below for you, and I also always leave
product links down below, so if there’s any tools that I’ve used or specific ingredients that
are used in the recipes, those are also always linked below, so check that out as well. If you have any questions as you go, you can come back to this
video and let me know, or you can comment on the blog post, and if you do end up making it, I would love for you to leave
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recipes out to more people. So I would appreciate it if you did that. Otherwise, don’t forget to
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so much for being here. As always, you’re the best. I will see you guys in
the next video, bye. (relaxing music)



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