2020 National Nutrition Month: Rose Caiola presents #TastyTuesday March 3

Hi, I’m Rose Caiola and my company ReWire Me is partnering with the American Heart
Association on their campaign for March being National Nutrition Month and with
me today is Registered Dietician Shanon Morris to go through some recipes to show
you how to make things really quick and easy to boost your energy and to keep
you heart healthy. Coming up in March is daylight savings time right yeah we lose
that power sleep I know I’m personally miserable to lose an hour of sleep in
here and I’m always looking for that extra energy as I know most people are –
what are some foods that can give us that energy you’re right daylight
savings time is coming and it’s a hard time for all of us because not alone I
would say that you want to include some nutrient-dense foods into your diet
they’re going to help you go the distance during this tough days so you
want to go for foods that are protein and fiber rich so I would say things
like having an apple with a nut butter if you’re alerted not may be good for
some we’re having things like leafy dark leafy greens they’re very nutrient rich
and rich and high in fiber things like avocados blueberries are actually gonna
be making a recipe to go with some blueberries that have a mean nutrient
punch so you have we have some yummy stuff here yes I know you have a great
recipe to share with us yes so we have a simple recipe today that you can add
your own different flavor to so basically we’re going to make overnight
oats super delicious it’s a small mason jar so it can be a snack it could be
something to eat first thing in the morning or for me because it’s kind of
it could be sweet depending what you put on it something for dessert right and
something perfect to just take right out in the morning I can’t describe it I
want to work maybe there’s a perfect environment
so basically what we’re going to do what I love is I’m not great at measuring so
I like to freestyle a little bit so you’re going to add some
to it as much as you want it’s okay if it spills over I’m gonna give this to
you yeah then you can add your favorite fruit or Betty depending on what flavor
you like we’re going to do a blueberry and today is we are looking for those
nutrient-dense foods so we’re going to add this in I’ll let you add some
blueberries if you want to add a little bit more flavor and the look at morning
you’re gonna have you in my energy you can add black c2 and some people have
protein powder or peanut butter to it and if you’re literally just going to
fill up your jar or what your favorite dairy or non dairy substitute or dairy
substitute easy and today we have almond milk
exactly so beware my favorite perfect and then I’m just gonna add a little bit
of honey because I like things to kill me some people put up organic maple
syrup in it here you go you don’t even open in like is that it’s okay you don’t
have to bend you it’s going to shuffle Sione and now you literally put it into
the fridge it has to be in the fridge for at least five hours and you’re good
to go okay so I can make this the night before
I leave in the fridge run out grab it first thing in the morning and run to
work if I need ya or if you want to be like me on Sunday make a bunch of them
and there so we can find the recipe listed at the
bottom link at the end of this video.



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