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What up YouTube and welcome to another
blog from a Jon Sheppard fitness this is a little extra video obviously you
already know what it’s about you really have two reasons to congratulate me
because Ive now got 1k in subscribers, or mainly probably you’re wondering how am I gonna
win this prize, what is this prize, tell me what I have to do to win this prize
well you’ll just have to wait a bit because first I’m going to gym I’ll hit
legs and I’ve got it also hit some arms so if you want to find out what the
actual prizes and how to win it you’ll just have to wait and find out yeah I don’t brain
Marvin – fine I’m saying that all the line know what you say about
compensations but it’s gotta made it cleaning the cooler temperatures for
they can celebration you go ahead and wait to see
me win but I’m trying to tell you that me
Angelica No
I couldn’t pull it off 25 and 26 being done sir yeah my life is lovely now focus to me
he said you everybody died in the car is on 8-hd I need the trip because I just
chose to believe that somebody gonna come around and give me just what I need
I don’t want to see you try to see you looking down and now it’s coming to me
clients and you miss a turn me around any chances and you’re doing you so
easily I’m doing something so tell me be tonight you gotta move the gassy he’s goodbye good my workout doing you might be thinking
oh my god John you can’t even squat 120 kg well no I
can’t because I’m not a big leg guy I’ve never been in two legs and frankly I
like doing isolation moves more than squats you know there’s plenty of
research out there where you can get big legs if I’m not doing squats like your
leg press machines and all that and I prefer them I don’t like the whole
strain on your back there’s more there’s more ways to get big or to develop
muscle than doing the basic compound movements yes squats is great for the
whole leg but there’s a lot of exercises and machines that can make your legs
just as big anyway you’re probably now wondering what the prize is and how to
win it right as I’ve got now a thousand subscribers I’m going to do a giveaway
and it’s going to be an Alphalete giveaway yes I am going to be giving
away at peace of Alphalete gear up to thirty pound so if you want a hoodie
sorry but I’m not spending almost 50 pound on a hoodie for you hop see I
don’t get paid for youtube and fifty pounds quite a lot of money to give away
but I’m willing to give away thirty pound of my own money for a giveaway
anything up to thirty pound so whoever wins just tell me what you want could be
a couple of t-shirts it could be something in the sale it could be
anything pair shorts whatever you want tell me I’ll order it and then I will
ship it to your dress simple as that so then how do you win this what you
have to do is you have to be subscribed to me right
I know if you’re subscribed or not because I can see how many people are on
I know who’s subscribed to my channel not telling you how but I know how and
also you got to leave a comment in this video right saying I’m in right that’s
what you have to do then I know you’ve watched the video so all you have to do
is be a subscriber and comment on whatever you want to and say I am in
yeah you will automatically be put into the draw then and the draw will last
until next Sunday’s video so this is out on Thursday which is today and it will
be next Sunday where I’ll be doing the announcement who is the winner
I am going to just do it randomly I’m not going to pick I’m going to do it
live on the channel so you will know so make sure if you’re watching this video
and you’ve entered you watch next Sunday’s video because you might win so
then get commenting down below it’s not more comments win it’s only one comment
and then I’ll do a random randomizer thing on the internet and it will pick a
random person if you’re on my Instagram I’ll message you on there we can get
details if not you’ll have to get in touch of me on YouTube leave me your
details through a message on either Instagram which is in my description or
give me an email which is in my description as well anyway make sure you
enter because you’re going to get some alpha Lee gear anyway hope you enjoyed
the video remember to subscribe and I’ll see you next time you



  • Chris Homer Strength and Fitness

    I’m not here to congratulate you.
    I’m not here for a prize.

    I’m here because I’ve just loaded up the bar and I’m messing around with my phone while building up the courage to get under it!

    Congrats on 1k mate. Good stuff

  • cheryl mansell

    im in

  • Jon Sheppard Fitness

    Thank you for all you 1000 subscribers. To enter the GIVEAWAY watch the video and say the magic word (MUST BE SUBSCRIBED)

  • Darran Walker

    I'm in

  • The Partyhouse Project

    congratulation on your 1k my friend 🙂

  • Lovelady Fitness

    I’m in

  • damien mayhew

    Congratulations on 1K

  • damien mayhew

    I'm in!

  • Maurice Cooper

    Congratulations, Jon! A great milestone to hit on YouTube, and you deserve it!👍👍

  • RT fitness

    I'm in!

  • RT fitness

    Congratulations on 1K subscribers , very well deserved. Good luck to everyone who's entered the giveaway!

  • LSJ TV

    Congrats mate, together we will grow ❤️ I’m in!💪💯✅🐺

  • Grey Wolf Fitness

    Sorry Jon I'm not in I'm 47 not 27 I'd look like the oldest swinger in town if I wore that stuff haha MINT

  • C Lee09uk

    Congratulations on 1k keep going💪🏼 im in

  • Leah Valoroso

    Congrats John! I’m in 👏🏻🙏🏻

  • Saina Joof

    Congrats man been grinding and finally hit that 1K 🥳. I’m in 🙂.

  • Kevin Clements

    Nice job Jon and congrats.

  • Cols Muscle Power and Fitness

    Prepping for a bodybuilding competition probably isn't the time to try for a pb. Be careful mate.

  • Lee Beasley

    Yes John, great insta and YouTube. "I'm in" pal could always do a collab training session if I won save the postage as a fellow Telford lad. Keep it up pal👍💪

  • Chris Fit Uk

    I’m in!

  • Marriott Performance

    Congrats on 1000!!

  • mark o

    Decent work nice 1 John

  • Ethan Tranter

    I’m in, keep smashing the content man🙌🏻

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