1000 Subscriber Giveaway – 2x FREE Cellucor Protein (CLOSED)

1000 Subscriber Giveaway – 2x FREE Cellucor Protein (CLOSED)



  • drased

    Why i should win this? Because I gave you some of Protein Powder…Back in the Day at the Dome Gatherings in Colonge….and I need to gain some weight til August for my next Powerlifting Meet so it´s either that ….or continue eating about 180 eggs a month xD

  • Saner Hasan

    I met you at a 100kg drunk kid getting in fights and ringing you drunk whenever I met a German person in public, I know weigh 77kg and 5.5% body fat. You inspired me, I delivered!!!

  • Chris1301

    I want to win because I want to get in shape and I already lost 20lbs and put 10lbs of lean muscle

  • Esteban Leon

    Hey! firat of all thanks for the opportunity, then I think I deserve those tubs because for me (17 years old, who dont work) its very expensive to get them and my parents dont believe I need a good protein shake after my exercises, Im going 6 times a week to the gym and put to it a lot of effort and dedication because it is a way to beat my own and society limits. With this its going to be more efficiently and I would aprreciate that. Thank you very much!

  • DevilRiders Motorbike & Scooter MeetUps

    i think i should win because im trying to build up my muscle and ive tried to do this before and i ended up in hospital with broken arm lol but im trying to compete in a heavy lifting in my ity liverpool uk england.

  • Christian Hajjar

    Marc puts so much work into his videos, like if you agree and think he deserves subs. I want the tubs because I have never won anything in my life and this will give me hope:/.

  • Bader Alflaij

    Just found this channel what an amazing guy. Marc you inspired me to start my fitness journey and your videos are so helpful and informative, it's better than many other youtubers that have millions of subscribers. I have been trying to get in shape for ages now, every time I stick to a program but not see changes, I quit but this time I started to notice differences and it's all because of you. I would like to win as I would wanna start building muscle as well as get in shape. Please do consider and Thank you so much.

  • Icecrax

    I deserve to win, because then my dog will be very happy… it loves eating whey protein and mixing it with some more meat. My cute little pinscher. After a month or two it will gain some muscle… and then it will be a true watchdog!

  • Morris Elfenbaum

    protein is always good

  • Yadav P

    hey, who is the winner?
    @Martial Marc

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