10 Vitamin D Myths

10 Vitamin D Myths

10 vitamin D myths. Myth number one. You can’t get vitamin D from sun beds. Yes you can. You should go for the sun beds that emit UVB radiation. It will produce vitamin D in your skin. Myth number two.
At some age you can’t absorb vitamin D from supplements.
No that’s wrong. Vitamin D supplements are good for all ages. If you are between… If your newborn from 0
to 1 year you should take about 400 iu of vitamin D and all other ages should
take at least 1000 iu per day. Myth number three. If you’re fat you’ll absorb more vitamin D in your blood. No that’s wrong. You absorb more of the vitamin D
in your fat and then it will be less available for the rest of your body,
that’s why you actually need to take more vitamin D, about the double
dosis and you should actually check with your doctor to take…monitor which
levels you are. Myth number four. You can absorb vitamin D through windows. No that’s wrong. The windows, the glass windows will absorb or reflect according
to Dr. Holick, glass will absorb the UVB radiation but the most…. probably it
will be reflected by the the glass. Myth number five. Treatment with vitamin D supplements D2 and D3 are just as effective. No that’s wrong. Many studies
show that D2 is less effective than D3. Dr. Holick says that it’s good no matter what, but I think he’s thinking about that you can take more D2 Than D3 or something. If you take like
50,000 IU (International Units) of vitamin D2, then it’s probably less of a significance. But
there are studies that say that this is not true… but I still recommend D2, because it’s plant based and it’s better for the environment (Note: You can get plant based D3 today). Myth number six. Vitamin D levels in the blood of 16 nanograms per milliliter is enough. Well that’s questionable. In Denmark we have the reference range from about 16 nanograms to about 50 nanograms, which should be the safe range of vitamin D levels. But according to dr. Holick, you should…. if you are under 20 nanograms per milliliter you’re deficient. And when you’re between 20 and 30 you’re insufficient. If you’re above 30, between 30 and 100 there is the reference range of dr. Holick. And if you’re between 40 and 60, he says that’s the ideal range. You can get intoxicated with vitamin D if you take too much supplementation. You can’t get it from UVB radiation. But if this only happens if you get above 150
nanograms per milliliter. Myth number 7. Sunscreen lotion does not inhibit the
vitamin D production in the skin. Yes it does. It will actually reflect the UVB
radiation and the sun protection factor of 8 will reduce the UVB radiation by
90 percent and therefore also reduce the production of vitamin D with 90
percent. And if you use sun protection factor SPF 30 it will be reduced by 99 percent. That’s why many people are deficient, even though
they are out in the sun because they use sun protection all the time. You
need some sun exposure if you want to have healthy vitamin D levels. Myth number eight. A shower after sun bathing inhibits the production of vitamin D in
the skin. No that’s not correct. Vitamin D production happens in the inner layers
of the skin, so if you wash the outer layers it doesn’t matter. You could.. you could argue, i’m an old fireman (fire fighter) so I know a little bit of about burning the skin so
what is recommended is that you actually put some water if you get a sunburn I
don’t recommend to get sunburned but if you’re unlucky to get that you may it
may help you if you take a cold shower afterwards. Myth number nine. You need to take small doses of vitamin D daily to get the effective vitamin D treatment. No that’s not correct actually dr. Holick treats his patients with 50,000 IU of
vitamin D, every second week. And if the patient forgets it’s one time then the patient will get 100,000 IU In one go that month. Myth number 10. You should take your vitamin D after a fatty meal, because vitamin D is fat soluble. No that’s not true but according to Dr. Holick you can even take a vitamin D
pill on an empty stomach but it’s just… he has shown in his labs that it’s
just as effective fortified in juice or taken in a pill. So go figure!



  • feija77

    This is excellent advice.

  • Veg Ahimsa

    D is controversial. Studies on numerous topics are not in agreement nor are various national standards. From what I understand D3 is more bioavailable and is far better stored but also has a higher risk of overdose. D2 is less well absorbed and stored but also lower risk of overdose. When taken daily (as opposed to weekly, monthly, or injection) D2 can be just as effective as D3.

  • Samridh Adhikari

    Soap wash out vit D??

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