• Ariba Naushad

    Omg I’m early (for once)

  • Taylor LaVerdiere

    Love this unique video idea!! Thank you for all the hustle and work you put in for a lot of videos throughout the months.

  • Planktons Ananas

    Almost everyone: „Why wouldn’t you just use the metric system for baking?“
    Canada: „Hold my different measuring cups!“

    So, well, my baking „hack“: use scales for dry and/or sticky ingredients. It’s much more accurate, only measure liquids by volume.

  • Giulia Delle Cave

    I'm italian and I want to thank you, because your videos are so entarteining, calming that I watch them even if I don't cook at all. I also love your accent and your voice, it's easy to understand english and its different words and slangs… so, basically, I'm using you to improve my skills ahahaha thank you ❤

  • Victoria Buksa

    Such great tips! The grating butter one and also the measuring butter are soo good! Also the chickpea juice for egg replacer! So good to know!

  • Thuvaraka Mahenthiran

    My baking hacks is sifting the dry ingredients and using one bowl recipe.

  • Home H

    Wow those muffins look amazing and delicious 😍. BTW thanks for the recipe 💕💕

  • Moth and Rust DIY

    Sweet!! (Pun intended!!) 😄 Thank you for sharing these tips!! 🍮

  • jennifer ALMEIDA


  • Baking Wellness

    Wow thank you for this great baking tips!! Super useful

  • Ivan perez

    The measuring cups one blew my mind 🤯
    I’ve used the measuring cups for dry ingredients for wet ingredients

  • Fatemah D. Kanji

    you can put the banana in microw heat it will ripe?

  • Jennifer Marley

    Loved this video!!! ❤️ Thank you, Nikole!!

  • Alicia K

    I just recently learned about the chickpea liquid egg replacement. I haven't tried it yet, but need to.

  • Karen Graves

    Banana oven hack…mind blown!!! Thanks for sharing all the hacks!

  • Lisa Brooks

    omg now i want a baked good! but, isn't the chickpea egg mixture salty bc the liquid in the chickpea can has salt in it right??

  • Sheila Perl

    Great video, great baking tips!

  • Ranjani Janakiraman


  • Ranjani Janakiraman

    These are super useful tips! ✨ 🥑

  • Dawn Macdonald

    Thank you. I loved this video. Also, I’ve learned, if you dampen the parchment paper, it molds perfectly to your baking pan.

  • Abby Kuchnir

    I have a hack for braiding challah: instead of bunching one end together to start the braid, start braiding in the middle and braid to the end, then braid to the other end. The braid will be prettier!

  • cai ruby

    so useful!

  • Anna L

    For the softening butter hack, you can just microwave the butter couple seconds at a time until it is softened, but you want to keep a close eye on it, so it doesn't get really mushy and almost melted. I do it every time, and it works perfectly in recipes

  • אליסה פרמקובסקי

    My best hack which I use all the time is starting the baking process at a low temperature and slowly going higher, so I actually don't bake at 180 celcious all the time, like it always says. I begin at about 100 for 10 minutes, the most of the baking do at 125 and when its almost ready I put on 150 and sometimes get to 180. The low temperature at the beginning supports in the rising process of the dough and increases it!! The great benefit of it is that you know for sure your dough is fully baked from the inside as well, and there is a low chance that the top will burn. This way it allows the dough to rise perfectly. It does take about twice the time to bake, but its worth it and works every time! My baked goods are always soft and fluffy on the inside, and perfectly golden and not burned or too harsh on the outside. There are only a few recepies which this baking method won't fit them perfectly

  • A Girl And Her Baubles

    Does soy milk give the muffin a different taste? Or texture?

  • Cathy Ferrier

    I made your carrot muffins and they are delicious, thanks for the recipe ❤️😋

  • Sarah Ford

    Love baking the bananas to ripen them! 😊

  • Temmie Scott

    I love these suggestions!!

  • Ruthann P

    Very useful baking hacks. Thanks! Love the one bowl and ice cream scoop for muffins.

  • CricketNewJersey

    My oat bran muffins stick to paper liners. I have to use foil liners, Any suggestions?

  • kimiya eltz

    What is the exact recipe for the carrot cake muffins ?❤️❤️❤️

  • LifewithLindsey

    omg these are so helpful!! thank you!

  • Goryanochk a

    Thank you 😊 🌹

  • Lori Layman

    Thank you for the ripe banana hack! I can't wait to try it out. Great video!

  • Linda Kennedy

    Chick pea liquid! Who knew??? Great tip!

  • hummingbirds ohm

    I cant have eggs or butter, now what?

  • Emma Reinhold

    Loved this! Thanks for the tips 🙌🏼

  • Ame Liah

    Mind blown!!!!

  • TheCh3lzea

    Love the tip about the bananas and the faux egg whites!
    Idk if you have ever heard of a butter crock but it allows you to keep the butter out of the fridge without it spoiling. Therefore, it allows you to have soft butter available on the counter for weeks. I just got one on amazon and I love it. 🙂

  • Jhanelle Simpson

    Love this!

  • gliza x3

    I find that its best to incorporate the wet into to the dry to minimize the risk of lumpy batter.

  • Stassy Joseph


  • Jessica Cunningham

    Awesome tips I’m not a huge baker but these are good to know

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