10 Healthy Ways To Enjoy Your Holiday Favorites

10 Healthy Ways To Enjoy Your Holiday Favorites

What’s up, guys? I’m fitness and nutrition expert
Autumn Calabrese here to talk to you guys
about staying on track with your healthy eating
for the holidays. And the biggest tips
I have been giving is that you cannot abandon
your healthy way of eating. In which case
people reply to me, “But, Autumn,
I want to enjoy all the flavors and fun of the holiday.” And that is the thing. You can still do that without having
all the extra sugar, all the extra fat,
all the extra salt, and the preservatives. So what I want to show you guys
is something I’m doing right now,
right in the middle of it. I’m preparing
for a Friendsgiving, and I’ve made an entrée, I’m working on a side dish,
and I’ve made a dessert. These are all from my cookbook
and cooking show, Fixate. So, these are the
turkey meatballs, and I added a fun little twist. I just added some cranberries to give them
a little bit more fun, flavor of the season. Amazingly delicious. Made them with ground turkey,
so obviously a little less fat, a lot healthier,
also they’re homemade, so they’re not loaded
with additives and preservatives. The next thing I made was the Fixate
no-bake pumpkin pies. You guys, these are to die for,
and I’m not telling you that because they come
from my cookbook. There’s coconut sugar in there. It’s not
the white processed sugar, it’s nowhere near the amount that you would get
in a normal pie. We did a graham cracker crust
on these. It’s actually gluten-free. They’re so easy to make. They’re a hit every single time
that I make them. And honestly, I personally think
they’re better than the pie that you get at the store. And then the last thing
which I’m right in the middle of making is our green bean
casserole. People love to make
that green bean casserole with the creamy onion soup or the fried onions
across the top. So we’re using
frozen green beans, sometimes
that’s the best kind to use because when fruit
and vegetables are frozen, they’re done
right after their picked, so they actually retain
a lot of their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. We’re throwing in some onions,
and some garlic, olive oil, a little bit of seasoning. We’re gonna bake them up, not gonna take me
very long to do. And again, absolutely delicious. Still gonna get
all of those flavors of holiday, but without all the crap
that goes with it. So I’m not telling people that you can’t enjoy the fun
and the flavors, what I’m telling you is to find
a better way to do it. So now that we’ve talked
about what you can maybe make for your Friendsgiving
or your family dinners, let’s just talk
a little bit more about the season, the holiday season because it’s really not one meal
that throws us off track, right? It’s not. You can enjoy
Thanksgiving dinner, it’s totally fine. You probably not gonna gain
5 or 10 pounds in Thanksgiving dinner. It’s when you eat
Thanksgiving dinner for a week, or it’s when
you start celebrating the season in September or you keep going
long after the new year with the holiday flavors. We love our pumpkin spice,
we love our peppermint mocha, we love the sugar cookies,
and all of that. So instead of over indulging
in that, there are some staples that we can keep on-hand
in our pantry, in our refrigerator that will allow us
to make healthier options and still get
all of the fun flavors of the season,
so let’s check that out. Let’s start with our seasoning. So, you guys,
I keep my spice rack here, and I keep a few more things
inside the cabinet. And these are actually
my favorite spices for a fall. So I’ve got actual
pumpkin pie spice, but ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. Those are your like typical
pumpkin pie seasonings. You can use them to make
a healthier version of one of our muffins
from Fixate instead of going
to the coffee shop and buying that
big muffin, right, we all love that
big pumpkin muffin. But it’s loaded
with cream cheese, it’s loaded with carbohydrates, it’s loaded with sugar
and preservatives, additives. So keeping these spices on-hand, like I said,
you can really add them. You can add them
to your pancakes, you can add them to the coffee,
you can add them to the oatmeal, you can add them
to healthier foods to give you
the flavors of fall. Now let’s go to the pantry. So in my pantry, I like to keep
pumpkin purée on-hand. Sometimes I open it
and I add it to my oatmeal. Canned sweet potato. Put a little cinnamon
and nutmeg on there. I love to use honey
as a natural sweetener along with the maple syrup
or coconut sugar. I don’t really use
white processed sugar. I was talking about
peppermint mocha. You guys,
this stuff is the best ever. So keeping things
like that on-hand, we even have
our Pumpkin Pie Shakeology or Pumpkin Spice Shakeology
that you can get as well to give you those same flavors
of the holiday. And then last but not least
is just a few things that I keep always on-hand
in the refrigerator. Apples, I core it. I top it
with the little coconut oil, put a little cinnamon
and nutmeg on there, put it in the oven,
bake it till it’s soft. It’s basically
like the inside of apple pie. I like to keep bone broths
on-hand, so you can keep either— These ones are made fresh, so that’s why
they are in the refrigerator. But having chicken stock on-hand
or bone broth on-hand that you can add into your soups
and your stews or instapots that you’re making. Those things add so much flavor
and nutrients to your food instead of adding in
more heavy cream or more salt
or things like that. So make sure
you’re stocking your pantry, make sure you’re stocking
your refrigerator. If you want even more details
on how I do that, you can check out
Pantry Raid and Fridge Raid under Ultimate Portion Fix
on Beachbody On Demand. All right, you guys,
I’m gonna get back to finishing up my cooking. These are going
in the refrigerator. I’m gonna finish up
with my green bean casserole. Just remember,
it’s up to you if you want it, you got to do the work
and the work can be fun. So enjoy the flavors
of the season, just don’t do it with all the extra additives
in there. Thanks for tuning in.
I’ll see you guys next time.



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