10 Great Myths About Eating Meat * Bodybuilder Listen up – AFTER KETO REHAB (2020)

10 Great Myths About Eating Meat * Bodybuilder Listen up – AFTER KETO REHAB (2020)

10 great myths about eating meat and
yes bodybuilder less is more. Myth number one, more meat build small muscles.
bodybuilders listen up, to build larger muscles quickly you don’t have to
increase the amount of meat you each daily, the body needs only a little
protein, iron and saturated fat from meat daily and he gets rid of any extras you
eat. Eating too much meat and animal protein will only lead to an irritated
liver and kidneys as they try to eliminate the excess nitrogenous waste
from the body. Weight bearing exercises strengthen the bones and build the
muscles and an adequate amount of calories from a balanced diet is all the
support you need. Myth number two. More meat and less carbs helps you lose
weight faster. Like the ketogenic diet some think that meat helps in weight
loss and carbohydrates encourage weight gain, although the keto diet focuses on
eating large amounts of fats the absence of adequate carbohydrates means you’re
eating more meat anyway. On such a diet the weight loss happens because the body
is actually in a form of starvation called ketosis eating of itself for
energy because energy from carbs is absent and any type of starvation will
lead to weight loss. On the other hand eating unrefined carbs and in moderate
amounts will provide all the energy and necessary nutrients you need and will
not make you fat but keep you healthy. Myth number three, athletes need more
meat than carbs for endurance. Endurance while playing sports requires
high energy from a high energy source and that can only come from the natural
glucose found in carbohydrates such as beans, grains, vegetables and fruits. only
a little amount of meat is needed to sustain the energy from carbs. Athletes
get dehydrated often as they play sports and a high meat diet is naturally
dehydrating too that’s another reason athletes would do better to eat more
carbs than meat in a balanced diet. Myth number four, Meat protein is superior to
vegetable and grain proteins. There is only one reason meat protein is
considered better than proteins from grains legumes nuts and vegetables and
that’s because meat contains more amino acids, but a high quality complete
protein with just as much amino acids is formed when you combine grains legumes
nuts and vegetables in a single meal. A simple meal of rice and beans or bread
with peanut butter makes a balanced meal. Myth number five, you need meat protein
at every meal for good energy. No, too much meat will lead to too many health
problems including too much unprocessed iron in the liver
if you prone to such conditions. We all need a variety of proteins from
different plant sources with a moderate amount of carbohydrates at every meal
for good energy but proteins from meats should be eaten less often for example
only three meaty meals a week, mainly because the body takes longer to digest
and remove meat waste from the body, Myth number six, Meat
is low in calories. You can choose lean meat over the fatty kind for a healthier
diet but calories from lean meat is about the same as that from
carbohydrates gram for gram until you realize it’s impossible to remove all
the saturated fat from meat and saturated fats has more calories than
carbohydrates. Myth number seven, Eskimos eat a lot of whale fat and do not get
fat and sick. Whale fat is polyunsaturated fat,
quite different from the saturated fat found in red meat. Whale fat is
essentially fish oil and will not block the arteries in the heart, cause a fatty
liver or create kidney disorders like saturated fats can. On the contrary
fat from fish is one of the healthiest fats to eat. Myth number eight, Meat
digests as easily as carbs. No meat digest slower than carbs and takes
longer to leave the body and this is if you have healthy digestion. And as meat
has no fiber, eating only meat-based foods such as on the carnivore diet could lead
to poor digestion and poor elimination. Which means only one thing, the start of
disease! Myth number nine, vegans look sickly because of a lack of
meat. Vegan dieters might be prone to some nutritional deficiencies such as a
lack of vitamin b12 and heme-iron which is found in red meat, but this will not
make them underweight and sickly, especially as supplements and fortified
foods with these nutrients are easily available. Any vegan who looks thin and
sick either doesn’t realize they need to eat bigger meals on a vegan diet or
perhaps they think of food in terms of purity and denied themselves
much-needed nutrients by avoiding certain foods. Or worse still, they have
an eating disorder. We shouldn’t mock the few vegans who
happen to be this way but rather support them into a healthier way of
eating. And myth number 10, Meat contains all the nutrients you’ll ever need. While
meats such as beef, lamb, pork and chicken contain a good range of vitamins and
minerals and a good quality protein and amino acids, carbs like different types
of beans, grains, vegetables, fruits and even nuts contain these things too, but
with the added benefits of high-quality soluble and insoluble fiber. A dietary
requirement that’s so important for every organ in the body to remain toxin
free and healthy. Simple or complex carbs also moisturize the body and remove
wastes from the body. A process so important sufficient carbs must be part
of everyone’s diet. Wishing you the best of health.




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