10 Extremely BIZARRE PHOBIAS People Actually Have!

10 Extremely BIZARRE PHOBIAS People Actually Have!

– Here’s a bonus for you. Peladophobia, the fear of bald people. Fear is a natural emotion
that we all experience. It’s an evolutionary trait that
has helped humans understand and avoid danger for thousands of years. But for some, their fear becomes a phobia, an anxiety disorder that causes them to be persistently fearful of
an object or situation. And while some are quite
common, like arachnophobia, because spiders are God’s mistake, others are beyond irrational
and straight-up weird, so today I gathered the
absolute strangest phobias that people have, and
yes, these are all real. So here they are, 10
extremely bizarre phobias people actually have. Number one is ablutophobia. Taking a bath is a relaxing activity that many people enjoy, but
not everyone feels that way. People with ablutophobia have an abnormal and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning themselves, in general, ugh. Statistically, more
women and children suffer from this phobia than men, although children
generally grow out of it. Faced with bathing, ablutophobes will show common phobia responses, such as panic, shortness of breath, and they will go above and
beyond to avoid the bath. In other words, try to
get them in the bath and they’ll go mental on you. This phobia’s been around for a long time, in fact, the film Psycho,
from 1960, was one of the earliest horror films
to effect its audience with this type of phobia, after the
famous shower murder scene. For anyone affected by
this, I have a simple cure. Just do what I do, lay back
with some scented candles and a Celine Dion record playing- I mean, only take a shower,
because showers are for men. Yeah. Number two is philophobia. Some people ♫ Stop in the name of love ♫ And other people get utterly
crippled in fear by it. People with philophobia
have a strong, unwarranted, and persistent fear of falling in love. This fear can evolve from
a horrible experience from a past love or relationship, leading to the desire to
be secluded from others. In many cases, religions
with pre-arranged marriages can lead to the
development of this phobia. It’s affected many people over the years, most notably Queen Elizabeth I of England, who was believed to be philophobic. Throughout her reign, she
had many suitors court her, but things never developed
into marriage or any sort of serious commitment. It’s believed that her fear
stemmed from her mother, Anne Boleyn, and her cousin,
who were executed for love. Man, but love is so sweet! How could anyone ever be afraid of love? (scary music) Number three is hypnophobia. If you thought Nightmare
on Elm Street was scary, just imagine a little, tiny
Freddy Krueger in your mind, waiting to terrorize you every night. Hypnophobia is the irrational
and excessive fear of sleep. It can stem from a feeling
of loss of control, repeated nightmares, or
the desire to take back the time you lose while sleeping. This is an especially dangerous phobia because it can cause sleep deprivation, which disrupts your brain function, weight, and coordination. Now avoiding sleep
completely is impossible, as brief microsleeps cannot be avoided. However, the extended
absence of deep sleep can cause death. Those with this phobia can only sleep for brief periods at a time, which ultimately causes a severe degrading of one’s quality of life. Hey, sleeping is an ordeal for me too. Not because I can’t,
but because it’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning. Everything is so warm and snuggly. The struggle is real. Number four is heliophobia. It’s not just vampires. Yes, now you too can be
deathly afraid of the sun. Heliophobia is the fear
of the sun, sunlight, or for that matter, any bright light. Often stemming from a severe sunburn, this phobia also has
people removing themselves from sunlight due to its
connection to skin cancer. Other medical conditions, such
as eye and skin sensitivity to light can also lead people
to develop this phobia. In pop culture, the
fear of light has become a tell-tale sign of
supernatural creatures, such as orks, vampires, and ghosts, although the real-life implications of this phobia are anything but fiction. This phobia can be combated
through exposure therapy and talk therapy, although
until they are cured, those affected by it have
to take large amounts of Vitamin D supplements. I’m not so much a heliophobe
as I am an internet lover. I just… I don’t get outside much. Number five is ecophobia. Remember being afraid of the monster in your closet as a kid? Well, just imagine your
entire house is that closet. Yeah. Ecophobia is the fear of a
home or the contents of a home. In 1808, the poet Robert
Southey first used the term to describe his desire
to leave home and travel. His usage for the term, as
a synonym for wanderlust, became quite popular among
other 19th century writers and thus the term for the phobia stuck. Then in 2004, research
determined that this phobia is an adolescent mindset
that eventually passes. You know, leaving home is something that we all have to do eventually. Especially when you get a
coupon for 2-for-1 Big Macs. You don’t question that,
you just run towards it. Number six is trypophobia. To us, they’re just holes. To them, it’s pure fear. Trypophobia is the
pathological fear of objects with irregular patterns of
holes, such as ant hills, bee hives, and lotus seed heads. There are thousands of people
who claim to have this phobia with websites and even
Facebook pages dedicated to it. Although to be fair there’s
Facebook pages dedicated to everything nowadays. No, I don’t want to
like your page dedicated to how much you like cheese. Those who suffer from
this feel physically sick or even pass out at the sight of holes. Interestingly, despite the
number of people claiming to have this phobia, it is
not officially recognized as a condition by the American
Psychiatric Association. It’s believed that sufferers
may develop this condition based on past negative
experiences with holes. Oh, I could think of one. Plot holes in movies. God, those tick me off. Number seven is pogonophobia. Oh, yes, the beard is on fleek today. Look at that, yes. Well, if you’re still here, congrats! You don’t have this. Very simply, pogonophobia
is the fear of beards. In the United States, no
president has worn a beard since the 1800s. Part of the reason for
this is that it’s believed that sporting a beard is bad
for one’s political career, which is partly attributed to this phobia, albeit in a minor way. Those who suffer from this phobia believe that beards reflect a suspicious streak of individuality and defiance. This also partly explains
why professionals risk their reputations if
they abandon their razor. Being afraid of beards
is completely irrational. However, being afraid
of handlebar moustaches and mutton chops is
perfectly understandable, as those always insight pistol duels. Number eight is neophobia. This fear generally
manifests in the elderly, along with their complete
loss of driving skills. Neophobia is the fear of
new things or experiences. However, in its milder form can manifest as an unwillingness to try new things or break away from routine. It can also be used to
describe anger, frustration, or trepidation towards new things or towards change in general. So if you’re one of those
people that hates change, that means you. This phobia leads to a conservative and reactionary personality
and can cause depression due to a lack of change in one’s life. i.e., things become boring. A more specialized version of
this phobia is technophobia, which is more specific to
fearing new technology. Food neophobia is quite common in toddlers and young children, who
have a fear of trying new and unfamiliar foods. I’d say it’s safe to assume
that people with this phobia hate the internet because
it’s all new, all the time. Reddit must be their
version of the boogeyman. Number nine is nomophobia. You can have my phone
when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands. Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact,
or in other words, no access to a mobile phone. The terms nomophobia is actually an abbreviation for no
mobile phone phobia, which was created during a study in 2010 by the UK Post Office. A UK research company
called YouGov looked into the anxieties that
mobile phone users suffer and found some pretty
interesting statistics. They found that over 53%
of mobile phone users suffer severe anxiety if
they lose their phone, lose network coverage,
or run out of batteries. The stress level that
some feel from nomophobia can be quite severe and can be the equivalent amount of
stress as a trip to the dentist or even wedding day jitters. I’m not ashamed to admit it,
I am one of these people. If my phone’s battery dips below 80%, I have a slight aneurysm. The first step is admitting
you have a problem. And number 10, panphobia. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Kind of like that. Those who suffer from panphobia have a vague and persistent
dread of some unknown evil. In other words, they’re
afraid of everything. The term was created in
1911 by psychologists and was defined more broadly
as a state where patients fear absolutely everything. Academic literature has
pointed out that panphobia may be a piece of a larger
and more complex state of mental disorder. This broad fear has also been
linked to those who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. A 2011 film, The Fantastic
Fear of Everything plays around with this phobia
with its central character, played by actor Simon Pegg. Since those who have this
fear fear everything, do they fear the fear of everything? Woah, meta. And that’s it for this video, guys. If you enjoyed this, you
should definitely check out the new video by my
friends AsapSCIENCE called Can You Be Scared to Death? It explores the
evolutionary history of fear and the psychologist reason
that you can die from fear. Not only are they good friends of mine, but they make amazing
content that I think you guys are really going to love, so
if you want to check them out, click the annotation on the screen or the link in the description. I hope you guys have a great
day and I will see you later on my social media and
on my second channel. I love you guys. Peace. (electronic music)



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