#1 Vitamin to REPEL as well as HEAL from COVID-19/Wuhan Flu

#1 Vitamin to REPEL as well as HEAL from COVID-19/Wuhan Flu

The media has stirred up the coronavirus which is a SARI–Severe Acute Respiratory Infection otherwise known as
COVID-19 which stands for Coronavirus discovered in 2019. They tell us
that it massively affects the elderly resulting in death. Many of the elderly
have dementia. Hello I’m Janet Rich Pittman, a former dementia
healthcare administrator and dementia practitioner where I was over three
dementia lockdown facilities. Now as a dementia practitioner I specialize in
dementia prevention and dementia reversal and yes many of our elderly
have dementia. The British Medical Journal tells us in a meta-analysis
study that in some communities the rate of undetected dementia is as high as 90
percent. Those whose brain is slipping who have any form of cognitive
impairment, whether they are diagnosed with dementia or not, are at risk. When
you have dementia, the brain is on fire with hyper inflammation and no trophic
support. The brain is weak and since the brain controls the entire body, the
immune system of the entire body is challenged or weak. With a weak
immune system the body cannot fight off any infection. Coronavirus is a virus
which attacks your immune system beginning in your lungs leading to
infection resulting in death caused by sepsis or blood poisoning. While heavy
antibiotics kill sepsis, treats sepsis heavy antibiotics also kill your
microbiome. Your microbiome is the activity of your gut, your gut brain and
this microbiome instigates communication to your head
brain. YOUR microbiome controls your digestion and your body’s metabolism.
It’s our second brain. Now if you’ve been someone who’s taken antibiotics
back-to-back recently for a series of illnesses or you’re someone who’s taken
antibiotics a good deal of your life, your microbiome may be very weak and not
functioning properly and this dampens or weakens your immune system. When your
microbiome does not function properly is very weak especially from long-term
antibiotic use, illnesses result specifically dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue,
thyroid issues, IBS, constant diarrhea, constant constipation, massive
constipation, brain fog-cognitive issues kidney trouble, heart disease, all the way
up to cancer growth. These illnesses are side effects from using too many
antibiotics and what makes the situation magnified or exacerbated is when
antibiotic use is combined with other medications. THE miracle drug with
virtually no side effects for sepsis is not antibiotics, it is the HAT’ treatment,
doses of IV administered hydrocortisone which is a steroid, ascorbic acid,
vitamin C, and thiamine vitamin B1. This recipe was comprised or it’s really
a protocol developed by Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care physician at Sentara
Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia and as proven in a scientific
study published by the Journal Chest. His retrospective showed and I’m going to
read the recipe here showed giving patients 200 milligrams of thymine every
12 hours, 1500 milligrams of ascorbic acid every six hours and 1500 milligrams
of hydrocortisone every six hours for two days reduced mortality from 40% to
8.5%. There is a synergy with B1 and the steroid hydrocortisone along with
vitamin C to crank up the immune system. Now vitamin C itself is a potent
oxidizing agent. It energizes organs and when given in high doses it can
eliminate pathogens or bad germs. Mainly vitamin C is a strong significant
fighter reducing inflammation. If you have an elder in your family who has
dementia or perhaps a weak immune system immediately get them on a series of high
doses Liposomal vitamin C and this is something that you might want to
consider too. If you suspect COVID-19 understand that
it affects the elderly, especially those with dementia, sepsis is primarily
inevitable. Know about the Marik protocol, communicate it with your doctor. If you
find you’re at the emergency room communicate it with the staff. Here I’ve
given you an image of the five pages of trials and studies that prove the HAT
protocol works. The link is attached.–www.JanetRichPittman.com/sepsis Bottom line for the elderly, for those
with the weak immune systems, for us all, we can fight this disease. We can beat it. We’ve just got to stay healthy. Wash your hands. sure you don’t touch your face and eat
your vitamin C eat clean. As a side note red bell peppers have the most
vitamin C per concentration of any fruit and vegetable. So eat your vitamin C
and as well take a liposomal vitamin C. Let’s do a bit of a history
lesson here excuse me a chemistry lesson here. Each cell of our body is comprised
of a composite of oil, a layer of oil around each cell. Many nutrients, most of
our nutrients are water-based. As we all know, water and oil do not mix so we’ve
got to have something to get the water into our oily cells. Liposomal vitamin C is an encapsulated ascorbic acid that is encapsulated with a fat coating and
that helps mimic IV infusion substantially helping with absorption. Again vitamin c snaps into operation, it broadcasts an antioxidant chain
reaction to fight inflammation. Fighting and finding the cause of this hyper
inflammation is a key step in my dementia Alzheimer’s Reversal and Memory
Retention Protocol. I cross-reference each of these steps with your current
condition. Successfully going through the program brings back your cognition and
provides good brain health for the rest of your life. If you’d like more
information on this 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal Memory Retention Program, based
on scientific studies and clinical medical trials, here’s the link and I’ve
included it also. You know on my web site schedule a free 10 to 15 minute to call
to see if I can help you or yours. In regard to this current COVID-19/
Wuhan Flu scare affecting our elderly and our demented victims, most probably
you will be the contaminant. So YOU stay healthy. YOU take care of You. Again eat
your fruits and vegetables. Eat and take your vitamin C. Wash your hands. Don’t
touch your face. I’m Janet Rich Pittman a dementia practitioner
specializing in dementia prevention and dementia reversal wishing you and yours
the very best in good brain health.


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