🔴 Healthy Morning Breakfast Mukbang Challenge | HEALTHY EATING FRESH KALE, MINI SWEET PEPPERS

🔴 Healthy Morning Breakfast Mukbang Challenge | HEALTHY EATING FRESH KALE, MINI SWEET PEPPERS

hi everybody
let me see how everything looks welcome hi everybody and welcome to tasty
McBaine eat yo I am here today with the delicious healthy morning breakfast
McBaine challenge I know it’s night time but we could eat
breakfast any time this is my first meal of the day I was gonna fix something
else but I was like I really felt like eating something healthy so we just
rolled with the punches and we eaten what we feel like you cuz we can do
whatever we want to do up over here right that’s why it’s called tasty
McBaine eat y’all let me see what y’all saying let me see who joining me I know
a lot of y’all are coming from the nest of my life my journey I was just live
over there as I made this mukbang you guys everything and just come in
live over there touch bases with y’all because you know I like to come to all
my channels every day and touch bases hold on I’m trying to log into the other
channel see what y’all saying we got 12 people
in the house so four thumbs of the lab when you come in hey Jess hey miss busty
hey Queen of crazies hi Alyssa Gail hi Renee how are y’all doing today so let’s
see what we got on the menu today we got of course some red sweet mini peppers we
got some oranges we got some cucumbers we got some Tomatoes some cottage cheese
I got some avocados this here just for decorations and they’re not quite ripe
yet and we got some bananas and some kale so I’m gonna say grace and we’re
gonna get started father God I thank you for this food that I’m about to receive
I thank you for your blessings your kindness your mercy your grace all the
provisions you made up on my life Lord Jesus I thank you for everything you’ve
done for me everything you’re going to do I thank you for encamping your angels
round about me thank you Father God for protecting me against all hurt harm and
danger and I ask you to bless everyone in my audience right now the Lord
provides the things that therein neither provide healing salvation Carla God
provide a roof over their head whatever they’re in need of it if I’m looking for
a job we just X for you to answer their prayers in Jesus name we pray hallelujah
and amen yeah as you know we’re going to be eating these raw fruits and vegetables and we
got some distilled water in the house so I usually just take my other vegetables
and like wrap them up in my kale hyeyeon doing this afternoon looking for my
spoon for my cottage cheese I brought it I brought it over here now I’ll see you
I guess I’ll go get another one okay I thought I brought it over here I
left it in the kitchen do y’all like cottage cheese I know something I like
I’ll pass I was gonna eat some ball eggs and some corn on the cob mmm yes sweet
bell pepper tastes so good and refreshing you guys you could eat your health in
that mukbang if you want to do the healthy McMahon challenge just because
it’s called healthy morning mukbang challenge don’t mean you can’t do it any
time of the day you could do it any time of the day let me grab one of these big old juicy
tomatoes as you guys know I don’t like to put anything on my vegetables I could
eat them wrong I don’t need dipping sauce anything like
that but of you I just dropped my orange if you want to make you a nice healthy
vinaigrette or a nice avocado dressing or dip to eat along with your veggies feel free to do whatever you want and
eat whatever fruits suppose you want for your healthy
morning mukbang challenge fresh fruits and vegetables just taste a bit look at
that look at all of that goodness ya hear the sound of it Kelsie’s good with that orange this is
my happy place mr. singer hey nanos diary truth seeker you’re
losing weight I see your face looks tiny Trisha so hey tasting Joyce I miss Gloria say
that would be great Nana merciful say Joyce I have medicines that
I take every time I get exit reflex Nana say I’m not a mother bangle but I will
take the challenge what challenge you taking I miss Joyce a merciful I take a
pill every morning for my acid reflux merciful say Joyce I do not like
tomatoes either they give me exit reflux miss busty say I love tomatoes with my
greens let’s go say I want a Nana George said my husband loves Tomatoes I don’t when they say nope sorry don’t like it
miss busty say the orange and bell pepper is the bomb
all of them sweet peppers or good mm-hmm okay y’all let me eat let me eat it
let’s get one Nana they’re gonna piece of Nana girl let me eat some of my green
onion I’d like to take this thing off this will open up your unclogs Uncle Bob
your sign said anybody want a sweet pepper oh yeah the
child watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight Sal the Real Housewives
of Atlanta who like the show who’s black they’re Kenya Moore’s bet I am a lot of
people don’t like her but I do I like anymore miss Buster said I don’t
want you cleaning crazy say my mom used to watch it it was gonna say I don’t
watch it bill say not me I don’t like her Teresa say I don’t watch any of the
housewives shows Bell said I got my Nana I got my Nana
Miss Kitty in the house cleaning crazy say tasty March first I’m going to I am
doing a challenge week I call you out you’re doing a challenge week of what
the title is healthy breakfast McBain challenge I call it healthy morning what
did I have in my title whatever my title is this the name of the challenge
healthy morning breakfast McBain challenge and don’t matter what time of
the day you eat it though because it could be you’re like this is my first
meal of the day so this is my breakfast it’s called healthy morning breakfast
mukbang challenge but you could eat it any time of the day without matter what
time you eat your first meal your second mini third meal anybody else want to do
the challenge let me know when you do it drop the link in the comments so I can
give you a shout-out and um and share your video my community posts mmm yeah that always taste so good the
oranges were for $4 from my team the child watch the morning my bang this
morning be sure to watch that video all the way through if you didn’t cuz I also
posted some information in there about the benefits of the celery and of the
pumpkin seed because I want you guys to learn the benefits of the food as well so you’ll be more encouraged to eat
those foods I know some of y’all say yeah I don’t like tomatoes but some of
us do so if you like tomatoes take a bite mmm so juicy lady T say oh hey is that cottage cheese
look at you having green onion your healthy meal you eat that green onion
what’s wrong we agree on your lady teat yes this is cottage cheese baby I love
me some cottage cheese what about you lady T anybody else like cottage cheese
I’m gonna get you out of last poem mmm I’ll give you the last one if you like
it don’t play with my food don’t if you don’t like it don’t play with my food I also got the thirty gallon of water
30-day down the water challenge try to drink as much water as you can per day
I’m drinking this steel water but you don’t have to drink this deal one you
can drink whatever you want yeah my orange fell on the floor over there let
me get it let me go rinse it off how many stopped
my other orange y’all don’t want to taste so good with that kale and I love
orange juice so much and make me okay Lauren sandwich yeah but so juicing okay
on sandwich lady T said where’s the pineapple to your cottage cheese I love
cottage cheese I need to get me some I like green onion but I cut it up like
the Chinese do soups I didn’t buy any cut any of them tied up with it’s time
but I started to lady T say I do the purified water it makes a great
countertop distiller container yeah I need to run my distiller y’all tonight
took us to say I don’t like no cottage cheese ladies he say you are hiding the
oranges in the kale Renea say I had cucumbers and tomato
salad with Italian dressing for dinner that sounds good
anybody else had a healthy mukbang today let’s go say thank you for the bite
queen of crazy say I know this sounds crazy but eating salad and fruit it’s
like eating cake for weight loss surgery people because it’s not enough protein
that’s why I don’t do a lot of challenges I miss them though oh but you
can add the protein into this like if you wanted protein in here and even the
kale does have some protein in it but you can add some black beans to this and
I’ll do that one morning stir the cottage cheese in my bowl I’ll
put some own some kale in it I mean some black beans in it so I want to eat a
variety of things on my healthy morning my veins show that way you don’t have an
excuse cuz you could try some of everything and keep in mind you guys
even though you may not like it you need to learn to like it if it’s gonna be
good for you you might not like it but your body will like it I can taste so good in there orange cleaning so crazy say oh okay Ginetta
say oh you guys speak English we only speak English over here our mods please
delete in the comments they’re not in English if you don’t mind a little girl
say Nana MS tasty please I don’t think I’m gonna eat another banana tonight
just one was enough and plus I had one before I started with my brain so that
makes two already oh it makes weird I’m already head so I’m not gonna even
another one we got our cucumber see I got my black beans I’m gonna be adding
these to some of my morning breakfast my bangs song I’m gonna make this a kale sweet mini
pepper and cucumber sandwich sammich yeah and you guys you do not have to
have a youtube channel in order to partake in my challenge you can eat a
healthy meal along with me and if you missed my morning McBaine video whenever
you get ready to eat your healthy meal of the day you can just watch it you can
just watch it as you eat so that way you’re not even healthy by yourself and
you’re not feeling alone and you got somebody joining you with this weight
loss journey or journey to our new you whatever you’re trying to do just do it
and we could support each other together I’m here to encourage you guys and
motivate you guys in a healthy way so these anything the child are doing that you want me to join you in to help
encourage you and motivate you just let me know y’all could be in meeting no I
was like what did I do with my phone hey Jillian let’s go say I no lady is sad I can eat guacamole everyday says Miss
busty black beans are good love them and avocado
I made an avocado I made some guacamole last week George said I love black beans
lady T say the avocados are crying why are we not eating them yet yeah avocados
I bought a little I bought them when they weren’t so right so they can ripen
up I forgot to leave them out on the cabinet and instead I put them in the
refrigerator so they need to get ripen so I probably be eating them in the next
couple of days Renee say Trisha I told you we were
twins hey there um carnelian commonly Harmelin
i don’t know how to pronounce that hey girl how you doing so I pretty much
put the avocados up here for decoration cuz they’re not ripe yet they’re not ripe yet but we will be
eating them when they get right we will be number nine tonight
I wonder when Miss Lisa it where’s miss Lisa mmm we still got a tomato avocado I
mean a tomato we still got two Tomatoes that’s the stuff we’re not gonna eat now I think I had enough kale I’m gonna
eat much number so what I ate here today was three leaves of kale one banana
actually two bananas cuz I ain’t won before the mukbang started three leaves
of kale – bananas – oranges one cucumber several red bell pepper several sweet
bell peppers one orange and two pieces of green onions add some cottage cheese and we
had some distilled water so we had a good helping my bang oh that um green
onion really opens up your sinuses I don’t want the green onion to be the
last thing I taste mmm that was really good YUM I’m glad I
decided to go with my healthy morning McBaine instead of what else I wanted to
eat um and if I feel a little hungry later I
can come on and do the club McBaine and film it for later date so I don’t want
to stick to my plan like even when I wake up late to just do
my healthy mug baby because that’s my first meal of the day mm-hmm so I’m just gonna go with the
flow you guys whatever it is that I feel like eating that’s what I’m gonna eat
and that’s what I felt like eating today lady T said I loved sauteed onions
garlic mushrooms with cauliflower rice and kale that sounds good
lady T say uh you just did a Daniels fast with all these fruits and veggies
including the cottage cheese some people eliminate dairy you need to tell us more
about the Daniels fast leave it in the comments of one of my
videos that have already uploaded like leave it in a mukbang from this morning
and tell us about the Daniels fan so more people can see what it is it was
against a wild lady TV I never heard of that one
Daniel space lady tea say yes I haven’t done it dr. Alex explains it dr. X
explains it maybe I’ll do do some information on the Dana’s fans but Rene
say thanks tasty for all the support and prayers you give us and trying to keep
us healthy you’re welcome Rene you’re welcome
Tricia say I was asleep that’s why I am late Jerry you ain’t late any time you
come you on time I mean lady T say okay your
excuse them so the avocado even skills or for decorations she said it before I
got finished typing the same thing it’s best to say yes tasty I can eat the kale
salad every day – it is good with them sweetie peppers Teresa say I like to
make my own pico and guacamole because I don’t like the pre-made ones they sell
in the store positive mutt bangers say hey tasty and everyone ELISA girls say
dinner was delish as always miss tasty I know you guys it’s not nothing that is
just like who you know I know it’s not any tempting foods but it’s tempting to
those of us who like fruits and vegetables and for those of you who need
just a little motivation to eat that’s what I’m saying start small if you could
just start with eating one healthy meal a day nothing else added to it i over
feel this if you could just start with eating one healthy meal a day like just
make it doesn’t have to be that big you don’t have to be as much as I have here
just one little small meal a day and preferably if you can make it your
morning mukbang it will give you more energy to start your morning off with
and don’t drag you down so that’s why I I could have just made the challenge
just a healthy muck of a new challenge but I wanted to make it specific
so that you will know the benefits that you’re getting from a healthy warning
McBaine but you can do it any time of the day cuz everybody is on a different
schedule so your morning might not be my morning and my morning might not be your
morning like I’m just not waking up so this is my morning so I’m gonna be doing
my healthy morning mcclain right now this is my breakfast and you can eat
breakfast any time of the day even when people are eating unhealthy food they
don’t care what time they eat breakfast so it’s the same thing for healthy food
you can eat healthy food any time and you can make it your breakfast mukbang
anytime because when you’re waking up that’s your morning
that’s good morning this is the beginning of my day so I want to thank
all you guys for joining me I might go live on tasty stalks to do a
review of the Real Housewives of Atlanta I might do that but I want to try a few
things before I do that so it might not be till later but I thank you guys so
much for watching me joining me I thank you guys for all of your love and
support just like you’re thanking me for encouraging you I thank you for
continuing to courage me encourage me and support me and to support my calls
of my healthy morning mukbangs okay morning mukbangs and healthy mukbangs
are a part of what I want to promote on my channel to help fight cancer with
food to help fight diabetes with food to help fight depression and mental illness
with food to help fight any illness sickness and disease and overall health
issues with food you have the power and the control in your own hands to be the
healthier you that you can be and it all starts with one bite whether you realize
it or not it starts with the bites of food that you put into your mouth to get
out of your life what you want out of your life because
if you’re healthier then you can pursue any of your dreams that you want to
pursue you can pursue any of your hopes and dreams and you can better succeed at
those things because you are healthier so I just want to encourage you guys to
continue to eat healthy take baby steps and then after you take baby steps start
getting more comfortable in taking bigger adult steps and just be
consistent with it and we are going to do this together I want to continue to
encourage you guys and motivate you in any way that I can and if it’s anything
that I can do to assist you in that please
DM me on instagram at tasty mukbang eats or leave comments in the comments of my
videos go back and watch some of the older videos to encourage you on this
healthy journey I’m gonna be doing some other things in the future to continue
to encourage you guys so that’s gonna be it and let me see if anybody said
anything oh joy said I have a blessed night
everyone work tomorrow everyone have a blessed night
howzit amok banker is laughing I don’t know why positive my banker say I’m at
the store getting killed right now oh girl she can have some kick
positive mukbang to say hi tasty hi everyone lady T say have a good night to rest sir
says good night Patricia to risk Patricia Trisha
say good night to y’all so I think I so much for tuning and watching if you
haven’t thumbs up the line thumbs up the live already if you didn’t see the
morning mukbang go ahead and check out the morning mukbang and then come back
and watch this mukbang afterwards by the time you make your way back to this
McBaine it should have some ad in it so go check out one of the other
mug bangs first and then come back to this mukbang because it takes about
20-30 minutes for you to to process this video before I can add some ads into it
so thank you guys for watching I appreciate you guys bye now thanks for



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