데일리 라이프 #41 건강하게 먹기, 꽃꽂이 초보, 집안일 삼매경 My Daily Life#41

데일리 라이프 #41 건강하게 먹기, 꽃꽂이 초보, 집안일 삼매경 My Daily Life#41

having simple meals these days due to my laziness almost like a diet meal because I didn’t have enough rice not a fan of loud sounds but I can’t stand silence either changing water for the flower vase I’m quite good at handling flowers now..! Don’t know why I’m taking the hard way Tulips always look so pretty (satisfied) Today, I have a short photoshoot for my profile picture after a meeting So I got ready and gonna head out now I told my friend I’m running out of masks and I’m struggling to find them She said she’s got quite a few left and gave them to me Thank you so much, my friend Such a fine day with no fine dust nor clouds Arrived at the cafe for the meeting I arrived early so I’m just zoning out I would’ve ran to Han-gang if it wasn’t for COVID19.
Such a perfect weather -The hands look pretty in this one
(quickly finished the photoshoot at the studio) -Wasn’t it hard to pose? Selecting the A-cuts (best cuts) -This one?
-No, the one after that The pink background was so nice They make a diary for you with your photos!
(instagram: @kimmoondal_) heading straight back home warming up pumpkin soup lots of honey sweet and salty is the best I’m not really a fan of pumpkin soup but I get this random craving for it sometimes it really just randomly hits my mind then I regret it after buying it then I think to myself ‘why did I want to eat this? I don’t even like it’ So I left almost half of the takeaway I got the last time the colour matches my PJs Pumpkin soup fashion!
Must wear these PJs when you eat pumpkin soup I was starving when I got home so I prepared dinner then I did some video editing my back feels so painful when I sit and edit videos like the whole of my back So I paused and decided to get some rest
I can feel I’m getting sick I sent my iMac for repairs so I’m currently working with my MacBook, so I’m thinking that’s what’s causing this pain I used to work on a desk at my parents’ house After I moved out, I work on the floor with a little table
Maybe I should buy a chair that helps support my back Yeah.. I think the way I sit is causing the pain There’s a cultural heritage in my house Box Tower no. 88 I’m going to be unboxing all of them with you Okay, first up! Bobbi Brown Honey Honey Miss Honey it’s the Morag Myerscough Collection It’s so colourful Eyeshadow palette with 9 trendy shades perfect for Spring The shades are all really pretty I’ve seen this kind of design somewhere I’ve seen it at my grans house when I was young. These colour patterns were a thing back then In the 90s.
The jewellery box or tissue box covers? This part is so cute BB at the top of the lid This is a nude shade This is a burgundy shade (like beetroot?) Tada~ I got something from iHerb I don’t order from them as much as I used to I like to stack up stuff that run out quickly, so there’s no need for me to place orders that often but I do order from them regularly Wow I didn’t expect it to be this big Anyways, this one is for my eye dryness
I finished it recently so I repurchased them My friend recommended this one so I bought it.
Omega 3-6-9 I haven’t heard of this in a while
3-6-9 3-6-9 (it’s a Korean game) I have very cold hands and feet especially in winter apparently that means I don’t have a regular blood circulation I’ve never tried Omega 3, but I’ll give it a try this time This one is a Taco seasoning I think you can just sprinkle it onto your rice
but I want to …. I can’t recall what it was that flat, circular bread-ish thing?
[Tortillas, tortillas!!] I’m going to cook some vegetables with this seasoning and make a wrap/burrito
I think it’ll taste good with this seasoning I’ve tried this one before
it’s the Butter Chicken Curry Since I live on my own, if I make this it’ll probably be enough to serve 3 meals Also got chocolate bars This is nut-cereal bar with chocolate so it was the best selling option Going to have it as my post workout protein bar or just something to snack on Wow this packaging is too much for this one little lipstick Maybe they only had this size..? Look what I got I really really wanted to try this one out it’s Hera’s Pampas!
it’s beeeen sold out The design of the casing… I just had to buy it It’s actually quite pigmented I thought it would be a light coral or a nudy shade it’s actually a pigmented toned down coral shade what’s this? what is this! I think I should go inline skating with these These are knee protectors I can beat someone with this (lol) I got this for my dance lessons for the dance moves where I have to kneel or crawl (?) on the floor I get bruised so bad I’ll still get bruised after one attempt I wanted to get one of those tiny ones from nike with a swoosh logo which the dancers wear in their videos but I failed to find it on the internet So I just ended up getting these ones It looks like it’s for medical purposes It’s gonna make me look like I have knee problems Omg this pouch is so cute This dust bag is so nice so pretty! It looks like some kind of food I feel like I should eat it like this It’s a chain! It’s a chain that you can use as a bag strap It’s got white and brown mixed marble-like patterns and a golden element Where I’m going to use this is…
the answer is in this box I got this hobo bag! It’s from a brand named ECRU and they use eco leather to make their bags Usually fake leather bags you can tell that they are fake right away, but this one looks like an actual leather bag it looks so real, although it’s not I thought it might look a bit boring so I got this chain to put on this bag hmm.. it looks like a Indian Chief’s necklace Well, but I don’t have to use it for this bag only. I can put it on other bags as well so..yeah I really like both the items So that was my new bag What is this! I could even plant a tree in this I bought two new vases and they’re way too big! lol Omg it echos lol wow it’s so huge Playing an ASMR that I like while I edit
Going to head to bed after this I like ASMRs from ‘asmr soupe’ What a nice saying I’m going to try and drink this decaffeine teas for a few days which is good for your stomach Monstera revival mission! I going to cut them and grow them in water (water culture) hello something’s odd..the rocks are floating They were talented swimmers whatever just put them in 🙂 It looks quite different from what I had pictured in my mind I didn’t know those rocks will be so light I was going to throw this one away because I thought it was dead but it turns out it was still healthy enough so I kept it Roasted duck for dinner add some bay leaves black pepper and garlic powder the more mustard, the better wrap it in lettuce this time with lettuce you add gochujang (chilli paste) Roasted duck goes so well with mustard sauce I don’t have any rice so I’m just having meat and veggies
I’m trying not to buy the instant rice packs I have a really weak digestive system so I suffer from gastritis and enteritis quite often I think I should go for a check up early next week.
It’s gotten worse recently I’m going to get an endoscopy, which the last time I did it was back in high school It’s been a while since I’ve got a check-up done so I’m going to get it done I’m considering getting it done with no anesthesia When I got it done in high school I went through a sedation anesthesia It’s actually injecting propofol into your system so it made me so drowsy but this time I just want to get it done and dusted quickly so I want to do it without anesthesia to be honest I’m a bit scared I’m so into this these days It looks like those baby snacks but I’m not sure if this actually was made for babies but this tastes so good I just buy 5 packets at once when I buy it it’s a small packet though, it’s 30g I can’t stop once I start eating because it’s like rice snacks (Korean style) and it’s onion flavoured so you don’t get sick of it
it doesn’t taste plain at all so if you’re a fan of rice snacks you must definitely try this out Watching Double Casting (TV show) eating rice snacks while I’m editing Haven’t really had a chance to go watch a musical until now, but this show got me mesmerised and hyped about musicals! I’m going to go watch a musical when this COVID19 dies down
(Please recommend some nice musicals!) quick stretching session before bed Start off the morning with Lady Gaga’s new song going to wash the duvet and pillow covers hiring someone to come and untie these ties Going for a workout Already exhausted from climbing the stairs Hello~ Got back from working out and now I’m going to just chill for a bit Going to have soy milk it’s called Hwang SungJu Soy Milk it’s so good I usually prefer sweeter ones but this one tastes plain but the plain flavour is really good and kind of addictive I get so exhausted after working out so I don’t feel like doing anything I went for the endoscopy yesterday As I said, I got it without anesthesia, I was so scared It felt soooo weird It felt like a rigid cane was passing through my body and I was gagging the whole time because the hose keeps on pushing down on the tongue So you have to intentionally try to keep your throat open then when you feel the hose in your throat you start gagging I never want to experience that ever again and the result was fine too. The doctor said I don’t have much of a problem in my stomach (and I’m still young lol) I just have a bit of inflammation from gastritis but it’s not so bad He said it’s probably due to my unhealthy and irregular eating habits I got a week’s worth of gastrointestinal medicine prescribed I also got a blood test done and I got bruised 🙁 I get bruised so easily This isn’t even the worst. It’s been worse before why do rainy days make me so weary? Today was supposed to be a house cleaning day.. but I’m not sure anymore I don’t want to do it!!! Should I just tidy up the house and finish up? I’m gonna rest a bit more and take the washed duvet cover to the laundromat and dry it in the dryer I don’t think it’ll dry properly on the rack because it’s raining outside I wish I lived in a big house with a dryer A dryer and a styler Guys look at this This is an urn with Chanel’s ashes
(Chanel is my pup that passed away) I was thinking of a way to decorate this urn I planted succulent plants! It’s not so fancy or colourful, but it’s naive and cute so it reminds me of Chanel
I feel happy whenever I see this I have a bad reputation of killing plants (also have a history of killing two succulent plants) I’m going to take super good care of this one Green zone on my desk This part needs to be organised That one at the back is a fake one but the other ones are real plants. I’m going to rearrange these so it looks neater Those three actually look good together They have a matching tone cleaning the inside with wet wipes Should I try this game? wow these are such classic games so challenging Whaat I came first? I didn’t bring an umbrella and it’s pouring outside
(Just ran home with the hoody on) Going to have this beef kimchi fried rice from Bibigo for dinner It’s looks like a small portion but it’s big enough to fill up my stomach and it tasted really good Fried eggs are a must for fried rice Eating it with kelp instead of seaweed Finally started cleaning massaging my back after hectic labour foam rollers are good for massaging the neck as well I’ve washed up and applied Bonabella’s tea tree facial mask I didn’t have much left so I just put a little Feeling kinda hungry so I’m going to have a banana and the cereal nut bar I got from iHerb and red ginseng tea what kind of combination is this though lol I worked/cleaned so hard my body is going to ache tomorrow trying to prevent that from happening by drinking red ginseng tea It tastes so bitter so I just made a little amount to just finish it quickly It tastes a bit better with honey in it Going to read this short novel named Holiday Romance by Charles Dickens This is the end of this Daily Life video!
Take care everyone!



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    언니! 14:49에 나오는 티비 올려놓으신 수납장 정보 부탁드려요🥰

  • christy sittig

    Even though I do not understand a word, I enjoy your videos because you show your face and I can read your expressions. Hugs from Mississippi, USA. (I cannot get setting for English in subtitles)

  • 잉오


  • 최하영

    언니 영상 너무 재밌어요 시간가는줄 몰라요;)

  • 바롬in Seattle

    상아님 데라 너무 좋아요.. 일부러 억지로 많이 드시려 하지도 않고 뭔가를 너무 많이 보여주려고 하지도 않는 모습 너무 좋아요!! 위염 빨리 나으시길 바랄게요 !

  • 마이쭈

    상아님 저듀 위염때문에고생을했는데…양배추즙먹꼬 많이좋아졌찌요 ㅎ맛은 진쨔 오우…쉣인데 정말효과는 좋은것같아서 추천해용
    예쁘니상아님 힐링영상매니매니올려주세요~♡

  • 김민지

    상아님 호박죽 잠옷 너무 찰떡이시고 귀여워요ㅋㅋㅋ👍 상아님 손민수하고 싶푼뒈… hoxy 어디 잠옷인지 알려주실 수 있나요….?? 그리고 저는 상아님 개그 개좋아하는 사람으로서 호박죽 드시면서 잠옷 드립치신 거 대만족했습니다.^_^ 아주 그냥 웃기네요.
    프로필 촬영도 너무 존예로우시고 진차…. 나만의 스타☆

  • 소리

    진짜 임수향씨 너무닮으셨어요ㅜㅜ❤️

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