Potatoes (washed, cut off the skin) Cut it into thin slices Steam for 20 minutes Salt (appropriate amount) Pepper (small amount) 3g yeast powder, one egg 180 ml of pure milk Stir well 300g flour (joined) Sealed, allowed to stand (one hour) chopped green onion Pour into the fresh-keeping bag 0.5cm small mouth Oil temperature 6-7 heat Fried to golden yellow 300g flour, 3g yeast powder 240 ml warm water Sealed, resting Four eggs Four green peppers Edible oil egg salt Chicken powder Thirteen incense Dry flour About eight copies Fry for three minutes Brush a layer of oil Turn over Fry for three minutes 300g flour 3g yeast powder 180 ml of clear water Sealed, rested (five minutes) This is five minutes later Tahini Spread evenly Salt and pepper salt Brush a layer of water White sesame Sealed and allowed to stand (15 minutes) Edible oil Medium and small fire Turn 3~4 times Golden yellow, finished Making oil cake 400g flour Salt (appropriate amount) 280 ml of warm water 10 ml of cooked oil Sealed and allowed to stand (40 minutes) Two spoons of flour a little pepper Hot oil The ratio of oil to noodle is 2 to 1 Apply a layer of cooking oil Crisp (just prepared) Sealed and allowed to stand (5 minutes) oil Turn over 30 seconds later (small fire) Turn over four times (interval 30 seconds)



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