【大食い】マレーシア名物ラクサを具沢山で!酸味と甘みのバランスが最高 AssamLaksa[5kg] [10人前][6000kcal]【木下ゆうか】

【大食い】マレーシア名物ラクサを具沢山で!酸味と甘みのバランスが最高 AssamLaksa[5kg] [10人前][6000kcal]【木下ゆうか】

hello, it’s kinoshita yuka today… Sunday, Monday … today without a doubt Thursday Thursday and i upload recently a video about malaysia every thursday and here is an instant ramen that i bought it from malaysia Assam laksa from cintan people in Malaysia recommended it to me It looks really delicious especially with all of these toppings here this is what i’ll eat for today ! This is Assam laksa each pack, contains 5 small packs this is the small pack, it seems that malaysian ramen is a little bit small and you find inside, noodles… and soup powder this is how the sauce looks like I will use green onions, coriander, and paprika and I will use anchovy Anchovy let’s boil the noodles I don’t know how long I have to leave it to boil in order not to be chewy And I’ll add the soup powder like this Then we add the anchovy green onion… coriander By adding this, we have finished jaaan ! We have finished It looks really delicious and vivid itadakimasu this is how the noodles looks like looks yummy ! mmmmm ! ah! it’s refreshing and amazingly tasty this is how the soup looks like ! Aah! It is very refreshing and spicy … The soup tastes deep and refreshing Hmm! Anchovy is also delicious Green onions go nicely with this ramen soup the spicy taste with the fragrant of green onions are great This time I boiled it in 3000 ml of water, and I left just 600 ml of it to mix the soup This time the noodles are not chewy, it looks like I succeeded mmmm! tasty ! And you can see that the texture of the noodles is moderate and as you can see, the density of soup is good When the food is hot, I like to blow on it to cool it down Mixing anchovy fish with soup before eating it makes it much better and Fish oils make the taste deeper and more delicious I highly recommend adding it This ramen goes well with fish Uh ! Anchovy Is it written in Malaysian “I love you” in this cup ?! I just remember the word thank you in Malay, Terima Kasih I would like to visit Malaysia again I also visited Thailand a few days ago, let’s look forward to the Thai videos Which day do you want to watch Thailand videos? tell me in the comments please! that’s a lot, and this yummy! Anchovy the Anchovy is spicy ! It is true that there are many people who send me ramen from foreign countries, but I love to travel and buy them myself as well The taste of anchovy in the soup become stronger little by little ! It’s the power of bare bears, Ice Bear The bear at the bottom is Ice Bear wow! good ! it happens! mmmm ! only the soup remains ah! we still have some noodles here we did it ! gochisousamadeshita Assam laksa from Malaysia was very delicious Spicy and refreshing, I don’t think there is a similar taste in Japan Also, this soup goes well with coriander This time, the vermicelli did not become chewy until the end, and the soup remained fine And because this was delicious, why not try eating this too !? And as always, thank you for watching And if you like the video don’t forget to click on the like button and subscribe to the channel I wish everyone around the world a happy and delicious day bye bye



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