ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് കുടുംബം | A Youtube Family | Comedy | Ponmutta

ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് കുടുംബം | A Youtube Family | Comedy | Ponmutta

Good morning How are you? Not good! Not good.. OK Anyone there with you? Like Like a family member ? Have you been to any other psychiatrist? Yes Then Let’s not talk about it. By the way what’s your name? Raghavan Raghavan Old school! Not a trending name though! Don’t you dare use the word trending!! Ok relax relax What’s your problem? YouTube! YouTube is my problem! Good morning! welcome to Chechi’s kitchen. Did you all like the betel leaf curry we made last week? I know you did! I have come with yet another amazing recipe. Hey I want to tell you something. I have been invited to Big Bros show! They badly want me in. But what will you do without me? I’ll only do what you tell me to do. So this week I have come up with protein rich kozhukkatta! The moms who have children who go to gym, you can easily make this! Mom! Hey Pooja is here! Mom! Where’s my protein powder Oh! So your mom is a YouTuber! Who else is there? My sister Ho! Sister What’s she? Hey my munchkins! Welcome to I’m the beautiful vlog! Ok So we are going to do something very different today! What’s it! What…! What…! Whaat! Oh my God! We are going to do what’s in my bag! Are you excited! Am so excited because this a big variety segment! So many people ask me what’s the secret of my glowing skin. Am going to show you what the secret is. This is my secret cream ! But i won’t tell you what it is. Because you all will start using it no! So forget it. What else. Okay these are my coolers! I bought it from I bought it from BALI Airport. This is not so expensive, just three hundred dollars. Stylish right? Okay. What else we have. Huh? Who kept this electricity bill in my bag? Mom! Mom! Did u leave this bills inside my bag? Please pay it this month love! My new video wasn’t generating much earning No way mom! Ur son who’s on trending every week, tell him to pay. He is the one who damaged the electricity meter for his bullshit unboxing video. I won’t give a penny! So my baby cakes, that was what’s in my bag. Am going to do a variety thing. You want to know what am going to do next? Don’t you? Come on! So its a YouTube family! Am not a YouTuber! Ok Right! Right! Ok Who else? Two elder brothers
And they are? Yo guys! How you doing! Must be having a great time out there. So today i made something special for my buddies. This is called Amazonal numazonal bomb. Just kidding just kidding. Am just blabbering guys. I like being this way no! So what I’m going to do is something great. I got a recipe to make Bomb, a relative of mine told me that. So i made it and now I’m going to test it here. But i don’t want you guys to get hurt so I’ll keep some distance. So don’t blame me if your speakers blast. Beware. So guys I’m gonna throw it. I’m throwing it. I threw it. Guys there’s no response. Hey guys, awesome Sarath and amazing Sajith! What’s up guys! Nothing bro we’re just here to help his grand father bath. he’s a great swimmer. He’s old.
But he’s a great swimmer. Where’s he? He can stay under water for hours! He’s in that river. (blasts) Guys there’s been a miscalculation, we’ll meet in the next episode. Stop recording and run with the camera you idiot! Mind blowing! You guys can setup a YouTube fan fest with only your family members. I mean.. There’s one more guy right? What about him? Do you have any sense? What the hell do you think of yourself? yourself? Who are you to ask me if I’m jobless? Who are you to decide? See if i sell all the leafs alone on my yard, I’ll get a fortune. You want to beat me up? Come, come beat me up? Oh you already sent ur man! Who are you? I came from the corporation for a survey. Aren’t you ashamed to eat with your hard earned money? That’s my family culture sir. Sorry I came for this survey What am i a survey stone? Huh? No sir i just want some information. Can you just give me your name? Bhootathan (Ghostly creature) Bhoot What? I don’t believe in the system and i don’t believe in caste or religion or surnames! That’s fine sir. May i know your original name. Thekkevilakath Suseelan NAIR! Sir What’s your occupation? What? I mean your job? I don’t like jobs i just abuse and teach people lessons! What’s your father’s name? You see that picture? Not baloon look at the edge. That was my dad. Aaa My young brother launched him in that baloon for a tech video. He never came back. That photo is the only thing we have. If i had this gun then, i would have shot it down. Shot your father? Not father you moron. The baloon! How can you save him by shooting him? Okay okay i got it! You are so intelligent. What? What did you say? I want to meet all the family members, if we can? Come! I’ll mix some cow dunk in cyanide and make a juice for you. Sure Is that fine? Sure sure! Sit! Guyss! So today we have an unknown special guest. Let’s check who’s that. Come on! Yo yo .. Brother! Come on brother. What’s your name? Oh God whats that I guess he brought some gifts for me! Don’t be shy just give away! No no these are official papers. From government Government! Oh God you are a government employee that’s amazing! I’ve never met a government employee in my show. You remind me of Nivin Pauly from PREMAM. So what you upto? I came for a survey! Survey for sure he’s a survey officer, first time ever in my channel. You are so cute mahn! Oh look who we have here. Hai! Hai cute fella! Can i have your phone? Phone Mine? She’s my sister! You guys already know my sister she’s also a popular vlogger as you know. We are a vlogger family guys. Hey i have subscribed my YouTube channel okay. Its called I’m the beautiful. You get notification once i upload the video. Hey subscribe mine too! You already want to subscribe my channel right bro? Yes yes very much! Don’t forget to comment share and like okay! Sure! What’s your name? Babu.. Babu.. Babu babu Very nice name No i mean just babu! Hey what you have in your bag? That’s some official papers How about a what’s in my bag video! No no i can’t do that these are official stuff Hey I’ve got a surprise bro. I have a surprise. Bro give me that. Try these chips. No no I’m good No no you have to, you came to our house and i won’t leave you empty stomach. Just eat this. Its very nice! Have it. U can have as much as you want. But there’s only 2 chips in a pack. I bought 2 packs so we have 4 chips. And i gave it all to this brother. And he’s a survey officer. Its really spicy. Isn’t it. I know right! Can i get some water We don’t drink water here! So guys i told you in the last episode about eating world’s spiciest chips. Give me some water! Don’t give water! We want to see what happens if you don’t drink water after this. Please give me some water. No water Give me the bag I’ll give you water! (screaming) (Singing random song) None of my new videos are trending What was your recipe last week? Mushroom broccoli! What Mushroom Broccoli Oh i thought you’re cursing me Mom, people are doing live videos of barbeque and all. And you are stuck with these old mushroom stuff. Try something new. At least open the lens cap! Anyway no one can eat the crappy food she makes! Good she’s making it on YouTube. Or else we all would have been dead by now. You don’t have any right to speak here. None of your videos ever been on trending list. You are the only one in this family who’s never been on trending! Your videos are useless! I’ll have to try something new. Broccoli won’t do. Will have to control the budget as well Yea great! Kids! What! Don’t look at me. Ask him. He’s the one who’s wasting money on buying crap! He carries this camera even when he’s taking a dump I can’t make “a day in my absurd life” or “what’s in my stupid bag” nonsense. I’m a tech guru! Shut up! You grew Marijuana in the garden saying its medicinal herb , you buried our grand father while he was sleeping All for your stupid videos! and you launched your dad in a baloon which never came back. for your stupid videos! But mom all these videos were trending right. But look at this guy here! He’s of no use. I’m always trending guys! Don’t overdo it now. Even we have been on trending list. My last video of how to make kajal with pepper powder got 3 million views you know! Of course you have views. All these unsold items will be delivered to you in the name of review. And you also call it collaboration. But you are not worth it. We have so many followers so we’ll get free goodies like that. Yes That’s why i call you scrap dealers. You are the only useless one in this house. People broke all the bones in your body after watching your stupid videos abusing them. Exactly! Me and mom has silver button. He got gold button. You don’t even have a plastic button! Shame on you. Our house name is trending bhavan. And here we have someone who’s never been on trending! Useless By the way i know how he spends his money, what about you? Well, i have some investment. Can you even spell “investment”? Yeah? Very funny! Keep laughing at me when I buy my own Audi Your own Audi? You I have invested in a mutual fund and trading app named Upstox Upstox? What’s that man? I just told you mutual fund and trading app! Oh! Cool! More than one million people joined this already. Oh If you give basic and pancard details, you can easily register in 5 minutes Its good for first time traders and beginners like me. They also give advisory services worth rupees twenty eight thousand. You can make profit by buying stocks when the price is low and selling them when it’s high. They are also coming up with an option of buying foreign company shares! Even Ratan Tata has invested in it. This is an ad right! No trending.. No blabbering. Shut up now! Sad! Why so viral? I’ll be viral! I swear! Hey.. I saw a movie yesterday.. Paracetamol. A Korean movie. I hate subtitles so I’ll never Going to depend on them. I can’t understand what were they thinking while naming the movie! Paracetamol? Really? What’s your daughter’s name?
Trimol? If you have a baby boy will you name him vicks action 500? Paracetamol huh! We malayalis
take paracetamol when we have flu or cold. I don’t care if you are from korea or coimbatore.
You should have asked me before naming your movie! Rubbish! I’m going to present two lines of poem i wrote using this pen. This may remind you of some super hit malayalam songs, maybe a song from a mohanlal movie from the 90s. Then its your bloody fault okay! Its only your fault Its only your fault you understand? (reciting lyrics from old malayalam song) (reciting lyrics from old malayalam song) (reciting lyrics from old malayalam song) (reciting lyrics from old malayalam song) That’s enough. I told you lines! Enough! Go now! This made him trending? No. But he became famous overnight. How come? He made a video and abused our MLA. And? How dare you abuse an MLA Don’t beat me sir I’ll close my channel sir! Such audacity you have! I don’t use audacity sir i use sony You scoundrel! This is insane. Tell me more about them! Hey! Everything will be fine right? All okay. Just follow me Hey. Who’s this? I told you! My girlfriend Oh Sowmya! Smarty! Hi sis. Welcome to my house. Where’s Mom. He didn’t tell you? Mom is participating in Big Bros show. Now we can watch her on television everyday What’s this? Am going to do a review of this. Your legs are free now? Why? Just want to test if this can brake bones Are you mad? What about you? And you? Just go inside! Oh so I’ve no respect here! He never changes! I’ll get fresh and come. You don’t do skincare? Yes sis i do basic things But your skin looks dull! Really? Yes look at my skin! You know what i do? I mix banana juice with banana stem and ad some brinjal pulp into it. Then i apply it every day! Look at me! Let me show you a magic! Hello my pumpkins! Welcome to my vlog again. I know you all been waiting for me. So as i promised in the last episode, I’m going to review this
exclusive face cleanser today. I have a friend of mine on whom am trying this. Are you tensed? Yes i am! Uh.. Why! Trust me no I’m so popular. You know what I do? I change lives! No worries at all. Let’s try this. Sis i never used these kind of things on face. No worries once you use it you’ll be used to it. It doesn’t have any colors i guess. So there won’t be any side effects. But i think this will be very effective. We’ll see after 10 minutes or something to know how this works. So we applied it on her face. Its burning Burning? No way. Refrigerate well before using. Oops. Okay! Its itching sis! You know what! Can you look at the camera and say it again! What happened? Darn it! Your stupid family. You don’t know w me. My brothers gonna kill you for this. Banana stem, brinjal! Nonsense. Oh God its itching like hell! What’s wrong with her! Nothing dear. I just did a trial of a new face cleanser on her face. But she’s fine now. Hey! Can you call her? I just want to click a pic with her for thumbnail. And that girl? Gone girl! That means your family made your life hell. But what made you so depressed? You need more reasons? Hello Raghav, your job is confirmed. Congratulations! Oh thank you sir. Thank you so much. No worries! Come to office tomorrow at 11 am with your original certificates. Okay? Okay sure sir!
Thank you. Seventh day. Six in the evening Pooja : Big bross they’re all lying.
This food poisoning is not because of the food i made Why the hell would she make food and feed the people there .
They all have diarrhoea now! If she’s eliminated she’s going to come back and
we’ll have to eat food made by her again. You want that? No! Then vote for her! God! Pooja, come to the confusion room Shit! This is bad! Who’s he to call my mom? He’s big bros Who’s he! Who’s big bros? You guys thought ill never get a job. I got one! Move away, don’t block our view! Ah advertisement. Okay go ahead. I got job! Where? Australia! Australia? Can you take me too so that i can do a vlog in Australia? You are doing enough damage here. Let them leave peacefully. No way am taking you! Is Steve Waugh still their captain? What? Don’t say stupid things Stupid things! Where’s brother? As usual, may have arranged some damaged vehicle from any workshop
and doing videos saying “look what happened to my car” No he’s working on some back to childhood video.je got some kid’s stuff. He also wanted to make paper boats.
He was searching for papers everywhere. I think he took some from that suitcase in your room cupboard. The suitcase which has my certificates? Yeah that one only! Oh then he’s sure making Titanic scale models with it Where’s he! He’s in the backyard! Go soon before it hits the iceberg! He got the job no? Why he needs the certificates anyway? Why? Hey guys how you doing. So what we are going to do today is going back to our childhood. Twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are! If you know this song your childhood was awesome ! Yo! I can hear the birds chirping. So we made So we made paper boats with random papers i found. People call me jobless. Yes I’m and this is my job! I do whatever i want! I’ve seen many versions of YouTube addictions. Theoretically speaking this is the worst case I’ve ever come across in my career. We call this.. You see so many movies don’t you? At least change this clichéd phrase Dude this is not a big thing. For some its passion, or just income. And people who watch it also enjoy it. In your case its bit complicated . Let’s do one thing. Just stay away from them for a while. Maybe you can stay here. We’ll do some counselling. What say? Give me a minute. Ah thats a silver button i got. I do some unboxing stuff when there’s free time. Can i unbox? You asked me earlier if i had seen any other psychiatrist. Yes i did. I dumbed him in a well. Because… He too had a YouTube channel.



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