आओ, अमेरिका का बाज़ार घुमाते हैं || American Energy Bars And Drinks [Eng & Español Subtitles]

आओ, अमेरिका का बाज़ार घुमाते हैं || American Energy Bars And Drinks [Eng & Español Subtitles]

Come on Friends !! First one is “ADRENALIN SHOCK” Adrenalin is a hormone, and they promise that this drink activates your Adrenalin. And your work rate gets boosted. This stall is of “Nestle”. They have… dairy based products of Nestle. Chocolates, Drinks… mostly dairy based products. They also sell flavored and simple water. So here… all different kind of companies have come… who…target us, those who has 7-Eleven’s Franchise, and the biggest stall is of “PEPSICO” since… it a huge company so, they’ve acquired large space for their stall. Here, all the companies acquire space according to their status. So if you see any companies stall in large area that means its a huge one. And this is “ROCKSTAR”… They have many flavors of ROCKSTAR ENERGY… but this one you are seeing is the best seller in America. In American Energy Drink’s market RED BULL has dominance. It is on 1st position… then Monster and others. This is “Mountain Dew’s” Stall… and many along with them… “Amino Energy” and “think Energy Bars”. or Protein Bars. Protein bars are very popular here… Energy Drink’s packing here is very attractive so that everyone gets them-self to buy it. This is “mikes HARDER’s” stall. They are a beer company. Very flavored. Their specialty is they make fruit based beer. Cranberry, Grapefruit,… Apple, Pineapple,… Guava… Every fruit name you can think of, they have that flavored beer available. They make these flavored beer to target women and teen. Their drinks contains 5% alcohol v/v and above. Lets see what else we have here. You may recognize many things and many might be new for you. Or you may have seen their ads. This is “SMIRNOFF” They have beer too. I’m using the common word”beer”, they use different names. You can see their cans are very unique. And different fruit flavored. Leave beer.. here Cigar or you can call “American Cigarette”… are also available in many different flavors like… Grape, Strawberry,… and many other flavors are available in market… which are based on fruits. This is another stall of “FRANZIA” wine company. They are popular wine brand at least in our store. They are inexpensive and… sells very well. Here, You can taste any wine or drink While just tasting you’ll be full. And this is “TRULY”.. variety pack. Alcoholic Drink of different kind of fruit flavors. This is “fore LOKO” Stall, here sour apple, cranberry, lemonade, pineapple.. you’ll find all kind of drink here. And then this is “HEINKEN”. You must would have heard its name. Company’s stall and their sales girls clearly shows its status. So this is their stall. Here also you can order. They have many schemes for you. So lets move ahead and see what else we have in this fair. As is told you earlier, here protein bars are very popular and among them this is “CLIF”… they’ve great popularity and are very expensive. They are different flavored. I’ve never had any protein bar or energy drink here. Water is best for me. and… Supplement medication is also available here. First Aide medicines are also sold in 7- Eleven. Here, some medicines are called as over the counter… for which you don’t need prescription from Doctor. You can buy that on your own.. for diarrhea, cough, fever, toothache,… you can buy their medication on counter without any problem. This is “Corona & Co.” Stall, ant their tag line is “YOUR GROWTH AND INSIDE LEADER”. They call them-self “Constellation Brand” which has Corona, Pasifico, Modelo, Corona Premier,… Corono Extra..etc. All the Mexican beer that are known in whole America. Corona with lemon is unmatchable. You can get “Naked” juice, that’s its name. “KEVITA” coconut water. and many more things that are sold in 7-Eleven. Now where I’m taking you… You can find all the different food sold at 7-Eleven. They are presented here. 7-Eleven provides different food in different countries. In India many outlets of 7-Eleven is going to open soon. There you can find Samosa, Biryani… according to Indian food taste. Here, all the American food is available, in which Tacito, Taco, Barito, and… different types of Sandwhiches… Pizzas.., Breakfast Pizza, Regular Pizza, and all those food 7-Eleven is planning to open their stores in India very soon. If any 7-Eleven opens near you then go and you will feel good. You’ll be amazed to see how just 1 store can sell all different things. “BEYOND BEER” this is also a okay company Say Hi. I try to make videos of places where I go. These are Sunflower’s seeds. Sunflower’s seeds and… Pumpkin’s seed are liked by Americans a lot. They are consumed enormously. These are Quest’s Protein Bar for sampling. Stay connected with us… I’ll show many amazing things on this channel. and… these are wines and different types of drinks have sample cups ready to taste. There’s no restriction for trying them, you can try & taste as much as you wish. If you like my videos then… Please press the LIKE button, to show me your love. And it will also make YouTube to send this video to different viewer’s suggestion. This helps in growing channel and encourages me to make more such videos for you. This is the most amazing stall of this Trade Show. MONSTER’s as you can see.. by their Sales Girls. So, LIKE – SHARE – SUBSCRIBE the channel. And don’t forget to press the bell icon. To get my new videos’ notifications. I’ll show you different products of MONSTER if I get time. or PEPSI’s… COKE’s… RED BULL’s… You may have seen all these things, but many people don’t know about them. I want them all to see these. You know what you have to do… if you liked the video. These girls will say GOOD BYE from me. One more video is left from Las Vegas Series about how much I lost. See you in the next video. My Friend… -GOOD BYE-



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