بطولة تورونتو برو! – الحلقة الاولى – Toronto Pro VLOG #1

بطولة تورونتو برو! – الحلقة الاولى – Toronto Pro VLOG #1

Hey guys I’m not wearing my seat-belt because the gym is 5 minutes away from home Toronto’s Vlog series starts now I’ll tell you what I did in the New York Pro I had a cheat meal the night after I finished the show The next morning, my wife and I went to have an amazing breakfast I had pancakes, omelette Pancakes, omelette and a cookie Two toasts with almond butter as well I pampered myself After that meal, I went back to my diet again, 100% of strict dieting That was on Sunday Then I started training again on Monday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today is Monday I trained every single day and I had no rest days in between My carbohydrate intake is lower than of the last show I’m now intaking 100g of carbohydrates a day I’m doing cardio twice a day now The first time is on an empty stomach for an hour in the morning And the second time is for 30 minutes on the stair-master after my training session Why am I doing this? Its because when I heard the podcast from the bodybuilding radio channel The radio announcer said that I deserved second place And you can say that the guy that placed second is the everyone’s favorite Basically everyone knows that this guy will win the Toronto Pro So this means that I have a chance to win against him So I will give it all I got, why? If he had a single crack (weakpoint) in his body that day, I will be able to pass inbetween that crack easily and win So I have to put an effort of 110% if he came with an effort worth a 99%, this would be my chance and this would be the crack that I would surpass So its like him standing on an iceberg If the iceberg collapsed, I would be standing at the bottom Therefore, we are getting pretty close And of course, these are just assumptions So this is not based on anything since you never know who might show up at international bodybuilding shows For example, someone might show up from India or Iran There will be an Iranian bodybuilder competing at the Toronto Pro, and no It’s not Hadi Choopan So I don’t know what kind of package he will be bringing And if I placed in top three, this would be me achieving something great My second pro show in less than a year, 4th place in the New York Pro and 3rd in the Toronto Pro So that’s a major achievement But to be honest with you guys, I want to win this time So hopefully, I’m aiming place in top two We don’t know what fate is hiding, but we are giving it everything we got God I’m tired I’m extremely exhaust, guys This is Durrah’s farewell This is the first depletion session. They are three sessions in total So now I’m trying to deplete my glycogen stores I’ll try to simplify that for you guys You can say that I’m trying to get rid of all the carbohydrates and sugar in my body So basically, I’m emptying the tank And as you see, I’m training legs and shoulders today Tomorrow I will be training back, traps and calves Or maybe I could postpone calves for the next day I will be training chest and arms on Wednesday And Thursday and Friday will be rest days I will carb up on these days as well Oh man… I’m just tired OK I will finish this workout session and then I will head back home to eat and continue the vlog Guys, don’t forget to subscribe and share these videos I’m aiming to reach 500k subs at the end of 2018 In the end, we both help each other Okay guys, I’m back home and it’s not the end of the day yet It’s 7:45PM I finished my workout session, did my cardio and I had my meal I still have 3 other meals left for the day, zero carb meals of course And we are almost there man, the Toronto Pro is next Saturday Today is Monday Two more depletion sessions to go, I already explained what needs to be done during a depletion session Hopefully, I will be dryer, better, a little bit bigger and I will bring a better package at the Toronto Pro Who knows, maybe I could place in top 5, top 3, top 2 or I can win this I’ll be satisfied with whatever the outcome is and I’m extremely happy with my overall performance this year I was able to make this year’s wish come true So I’m satisfied That’s it man I will be training tomorrow and I will travel the day after And of course, everything will be vlogged and we will film everything for you guys And… Toronto is a beautiful city so we will take some footage of the city for the vlogs So stay tuned for the upcoming vlogs, now I will be working on due customized programs There are a few programs that are 2 or 3 days behind schedule Because we had 83 individuals who bought the program in the New York Special And I always tell you guys to get the offer as soon as the promotion starts Because if you buy the program at the end of the promotion, you might face a 2 or 3 day delay Since it’s a first come, first serve policy At the moment, there are no offers or promotions However, I will start another promotion on the customized programs for the Toronto Pro Programs go down from 250USD to 150USD when a promotion is on-going So get ready from now if you want to get a customized program when the promotion starts The program includes a customized meal plan, based on how your day goes So you don’t complain about the meal timing or so and to make it easier for you to stick to It’s customized on how your day goes, your wake up schedule, when do you head to work, go to the gym, etc I also customize the meals based on your personal preference when I send you the form to fill So I have a background on what kind of food do you like to eat, if you have any sort of allergy, etc The same concept is applied to the workout plan since its based on your weak points A supplement plan is also included as well as an advanced supplement plan if needed After I see your pictures and read the form that you sent to me As a coach, I can decide what would be better for you For example, if you have a high body-fat percentage and you wrote in the form that you want to bulk, I won’t agree I won’t agree since you have a high fat percentage and you shouldn’t bulk up and that it’s better for you to cut After you cut down some fat, you should dry out And if you don’t believe what I’m saying, let me show you OK? Here is my email These are the due programs Some clients send me test results as well I still have 46 programs left The new programs were purchased after the promotion has ended since the New York Special ended 2 weeks ago So I’m two days behind schedule to send the programs that were bought at the 16th of May Today is the 28th The program usually takes between 10 to 14 days to be customized and sent to you So I’m not that late But like I said, If you want to buy a program when the promotion is on-going It’s better if you get it earlier because the faster you get it, the faster you get your program That’s it for today’s vlog I will see you in the next video



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